September 21, 2009


The tradition in our home when one becomes "fully" potty trained is to bestow the said 'trainee no longer in training' with a gift. In the past it's been something stuffed. Like the stuffed rottweiler for Little Boy. Rocky is still a cherished possession that (7 yrs later) needs to be tossed in the laundry every so often. When that toy was brand new Little Boy had a beaming look on his face as we crossed the street to the elementary school. The crossing guard (who also happened to teach pre-school) took note. "Is that a new doggie?! He looks special!" I explained just how special he was. A reward for being a trained puppy himself. Then everything changed over the weekend. After repeated accidents I was forced into repealing the reward dog. Much emotion was felt by poor Little Boy. And the crossing guard did take note that Rocky was missing. "Where's your new doggie?" I gave her the 'don't ask' look.

I am glad to report that after some time he earned the dog back. Things eventually work out don't they?

So I had thought I had an end of summer miracle on my hands when Baby Girl potty trained herself in 2 days. I shouldn't have opened my big fat mouth on the blog (again!) I guess because just as unexplainable was the complete turn around she seemed to have a couple weeks later. My theory is that eventually the trick up your sleeve (be it butterscotch chips or sticker charts) will wane and you either have to come up with some new sexy idea or put up with accidents. The thing I think I did wrong was buy the 'you're completely trained' gift a bit too soon. I was a cock-eyed optimist in the local toy store. The kitty inside a fur-lined fringed crate with grooming accessories just spoke to me. Actually it spoke more loudly to Big Girl who was with me at the time. I think the store clerk got a kick out of overhearing Big Girls comment of "I'm not sure you should get that for her, it might make me too jealous..." So of course when Baby Girl started becoming apathetic about her wet panties I told her she would be able to keep trying for a while in her underwear but if it kept happening we'd have to put her back in diapers and take away her new kitty. The first time it went up on the fridge her whole world turned upside down. The interesting thing though was that after a few days of taking it and earning it back she came to me one morning and said "I want a diaper- you take the Kitty." Oh oh... I thought. I've lost all the power here. She has no incentive. I'm totally screwed. What will I do now?!

Then at dinner I pulled out the big guns. "You know" I said in an overly bold voice. "I've heard that when it's time to go to pre-school that they make you fill out a paper that says your child only goes pee/poo on the toilet. Yep- pretty sure there's no diapers going to pre-school these days. And hey, did you hear that our good friend M is going to big girl pre-school? IT'S TRUE!"

Yes- she may have won a battle, but she doesn't know who she's messing with. I'm pretty sure that in the end I will win the war.

*update this actually happened about a week ago and she is back on track with a new set of underwear with Tinkerbell on them. "Don't tink on Tink" I told her : )*

PS I hate potty training!


Shana said...

"Don't tink on Tink." That is funny

Hope things keep staying dry!!

Melissa said...

You inspire me. I need to bite the potty training bullet one of these days, but it just seems like so much work...for me! Right now Lucy is living in denial most of the time anyway. I'll ask her if she's wet or poopy and she almost always says no when she actually is. How do I overcome this!?? Teach me!! Oh wise mother!!

Love your blog! Thanks for writing :o) Love you even more!