June 11, 2010

Following... Or not.

So apparently I have lost a follower. I went from 30 to 29. It's too bad because I like the nice round 30 number. I lingered forever at 12 and so 30 seems like the big time for this blogger! It took me a while to recall just who it was who stopped following. I think I know now. Not sure if I offended this person (or worse just bored them to death). I also know that sometimes there are glitches in the system and it could just be a mistake. I am not rushing to judgment. We all know what a rush to judgment can do. It can free OJ Simpson when he's really guilty that's what. Or maybe I have that mixed up. I am not rushing to judgment with my bad memories of the OJ trial either. I did, however rush over to this person's blog and leave a nice comment. It hadn't been that long since I'd commented there. I sway between feeling an obligation to comment to keep up friendly cyber relations and then just feeling like if I have nothing to add then there isn't a need to say anything. I read far too many people's blogs to comment on them all, but since I appreciate when people leave me a comment, I do try my best to be a contributer. What I don't really get is when I make a comment and then they make one back and then we keep up the commenting back and forth all day. I think that is what a face to face conversation is for. Unless you are having a very important or juicy conversation (I don't have too many of those-maybe I should).

And what about those bloggers who have fun and interesting blogs and you leave them a comment but never hear back? Is it business, does my blog suck? Is it unfriendliness, or a holier than thou attitude? I don't get those folks. I always say hi back at least once. Is it rude to not to? I don't know all the rules yet. Maybe they feel stalked and are just playing it safe on the internet. Why not go private then? Why do I even care? Not sure. I still read if I find the blog interesting. Why not? I just don't comment too much because, hey- I am not that into opening up myself for repeated rejection.

I have a few followers who I like to, shall we say play a bit with. Like I know if I blog about a certain thing that entry will definitely get a comment from so and so. It's like fishing and I know which ones prefer which bait. Then there are a few lurkers who no matter what I say will never come out of the woodwork and make a comment. Even if I call them out and write about them they still won't just up and say "gud day mate!" Yes I am speaking of you Mr/Mrs Aukland Australia! I see you coming round every other day or so, but you never say boo. Well I hope you keep reading even if you aren't officially following or commenting. It's a safe place here at We Don't Mean to Brag. Sorta like Cheers without the bar or Sam and Diane pretending to hate each other. And please come back S. I will miss you terribly. Really! Look I even added birds to my blog today!


Kristina P. said...

I lose followers all the time. I don't take it personally. I have known people who decide to use a different method to read blogs, and so they stop doing the public following, but will now use Google Reader, etc.

Sometimes, I hate that there is so much reciprocation/obligation when it comes to blogging, but on the other hand, I completely understand it.

Laurel C. said...

Dang. If I wasn't already following you, I'd click the Follow button just to get you to 30. You truly are the big time... I'm only at 7!

Don't you just hate lurkers? I feel the same exact way that you do. I don't know all the blogging rules, but I do know that lurking is kinda weird. It's like peeking in the windows without ringing the front doorbell to say hello. I have a lurker in New York, and it's driving me nuts!

Good luck getting to 30 again! :)

Shana said...

My followers goes up and down by 2, 3 or 4 weekly it seems. Not sure who leaves but I always welcome new people.
I always comment at least once as well, and keep reading if I find the blog interesting but I wish I would get at least one 'hello' back. But then some blogs that I read have 1000plus followers!! It is funny what some people find interesting.
I comment if I have something to say!

Carrie Stuart said...

LOL! Too funny how much thought we put into such things. And I don't "follow" at all. I like to keep it all neat on my blogroll, where the newest entry pops to the top of the list. But I don't add just anyone to my blogroll...so you should feel honored. ;^)

Kelly said...

Yes I agree with you KP, and I don't take it personally either. Just curious about what happened I guess. In a totally secure healthy way of coarse.

Thanks Carrie- I do feel honored! I used to have a blog roll too but it got too long.

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

I suck at commenting. I used to comment on every single blog I could. Then I went on hiatus from November till about February. Now not so much. It's Too much sometimes. But when people need some bloggy love, I'll send it! :)

Camrin said...

Kelly- I didn't realize I wasn't a follower. No worries. You are now back up to 30 followers! This is indeed a good day. Maybe we should even have a little party together. Wait you are so far away. I guess we could do on online. lol
LOVE your blog! :)

literaqueen said...

I like to read, but following makes me feel like I have to answer regularly, which is yet another thing on the "to do" list that's already too long. So think of me as your shadow 31st person if you'd like.