June 14, 2010

Summer's on the Way

Yes we still haven't let out for the summer.  The last day of school is Wednesday June 15th.  I am ready for it... I think.  I am ready to sleep in and make yummy breakfasts for the kids.  Ready to start a good book with them to read aloud.  Ready for late movie rentals with popcorn allowed downstairs.  Ready to pack lunches and take them to the pool.  Ready for T cooking on the BBQ.  Ready to invite friends over.  Ready to get tan.  Ready to slip and slide!  Ready for a vacation to the beach.  Ready for the fresh tomatoes from our yard.  Ready for sprinklers to run through. Visits from out of town friends and relatives.  I am ready!

However one can never have all the pleasure without some pain right?  So here is what I am dreading.... I'm dreading having bored kids in the house without any cable.  Dreading the conflicts that will most surely arise more often with kids at home full time.  I'm dreading teaching Big Boy to drive.  Dreading the hot muggy air you can swim through here in Maryland.  Dreading the clutter and mess that comes with kids at home messing stuff up.  I'm dreading the role of  the entertainer.  I'm dreading the funk my Middle Boy gets into when he's bored.  I dread the craft mess that Big Girl makes every chance she gets.

I just need to take deep breaths and remember the fun we can have if we turn our frowns upside down and smile all the while.  What are your great ideas to get through the summer with kids at home?  I'd love to hear.


Eileen said...

Our last day is the 18th. Last night we had a FHE on summer activities, summer schedule, expectations, etc. Everyone seems on board, but we'll see. Lyle wanted each one of the kids to have a meal night where they plan and prepare the dinner (with help for the littles) and are in charge of clean-up. I think it's a great idea, but I'm dreading it.

Adam already said he's planning for steak and lobster.

Oh, and we're most likely buying him a car today. A red one. Yikes.

Kristina P. said...

No cable?!?! That makes me want to cry.

noyb said...

sounds like a fun summer! the boredom thing must be one of those unavoidable summertime issues. i remember it when i was a kid. my mothers solution? kick us out of the house to play or put us to work doing much dreaded chores. she would say: "oh! you are BORED? i have PLENTY to keep you busy, let me make a list." at this point we would yell "NO!" and run outside and play. threats and bribes. :)

CSIowa said...

Work and camps. Also Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, we're off to Wonderland tonight.

Carrie Stuart said...

LOOOOOVE me some summer! No early morning wakeups for Seminary! We will be snorkeling, hopefully some diving, too. LOTS of time at the neighborhood pool (about .2 KM from our door) and some site-seeing as well. Good times! Best of all, Cliff is home this summer to enjoy it with us, instead of in the desert!