June 07, 2010

A Temporary Sneak Peek

I purposely shot this portion of the concert with only my son in the shot. I just want the Grandparents to hear and then I will be taking it down in a few days time. Enjoy!



Tracy P. said...

Oh man! Did you have to take it down already???

Kelly said...

no. maybe you computer isn't working right...try again later.

Rhonda said...

Wow that was awsome. Great Bowing.
thanks for sharing.
Love You guys.

Eileen said...

Very cool! I bet the kids loved that concert. It's fun to hear something other than just Ode to Joy.

Kelly said...

Nathan told me today it was a great feeling to be a part of that song. Very moving. I am so glad he has the gift of music in his life : )