April 17, 2009

Laughs so far

It's only 8:53 am.  So far today my Little Boy (or remembrances of him) have made me laugh at least 3 times.  When I asked him to please make his bed he said "Can't Mom, the dog is on my bed."  When I called Abby to come he plead with her to stay.  T told me another funny thing Little Boy said to him recently.  On our vacation he said to his father "Dad, I will give you all the money I have if you can skip this ginormous rock.... Oh and I should probably tell you that all the money I have is equal to one dollar."  

I then shared one of the highlights of our vacation when Little Boy made me smile.  We were at the boring part of the drive home when the videos have been watched and the audio tapes got boring already.  So we were playing a game called 'would you rather.'  You know the game where you give two horrible options and ask which one they would rather do/have.  Only our version was getting pretty out there.  Like just naming two things you see on a billboard in front of you, possibly not related at all.  Someone said "Boys or Girls?"  And Little Boy shouts out with gusto "GIRLS!"  He has recently found them fascinating.  Something I find fascinating.  And funny.  He may actually date before his 15 year old brother.

He is just a funny kid.


Bee and Rose said...

That is a fabulous family photo on your sidebar, Kelly! Wow! I want one of our family that looks that good!

Your kids crack me up!

Kristina P. said...

I love that game! It never gets old.

Lana said...

Gotta love the things kids say and how and when they say it!

literaqueen said...

Someone's not looking all that happy in the picture that goes with the post. What's the story behind that?