April 22, 2009

Special K

Special K is a special cereal. Actually it kinda tastes bad in my opinion. The last time I tried it was in my teens.  Since my name was Kelly (and it still is!) and I had no self esteem issues what soever, I thought it could be 'my cereal'  Then I came to a sad realization.  It's kinda a diet cereal and so it tastes crappy and 'special' probably referred to it's tendencies towards the lower level education classes.  Since I was always skinny in my youth (sigh) and I had enough intelligence not to be in special ed (although if I could have found a way I would have tried to get in there, believe me), I deemed this breakfast food 'not for me.'

Little did I know that Special K would end up being such a lifesaver for my husband while he was deployed.  It was one of the tender mercies that got him through the day.  Seriously!  He discovered this lifeline in the cafeteria on base and fell in love with it's healthy goodness.  He is a healthy guy, gotta love him!  I just stand in his healthy shadow-of-goodness on most things actually.  He especially loved the newest concoction- the Special K red berries addition to the Kellog's family.  He even wrote home about it on more than one occasion.  With both the special K red berries and putting on his boots in the morning (another favorite thing), he was set for happiness.  A true testament to the fact that one can be happy if they so choose under almost any circumstances.  My mother would have been so proud.

At nearly the first post-deployment grocery store visit, T got us some Family Size Kellog's Special K (with red berries).  I was almost excited to try them.  However... couldn't really finish the bowl and wasn't going back for more.  But I didn't come down too hard on poor T.  It's not his fault.  I found the red berry addition kinda artificial.  (Actually more than kinda).  

This morning as our 15 year old tried the red berries addition of Special K he must have come to the same conclusion.....  


And it looks like Baby girl is having no luck pawning it off on the duckies either.

ps: I am going to break with my title of not meaning to brag and brag a little this  morning.  I just won my first ever blog contest for writing on my friend Chaka's blog.  Go here to check it out!  Also check out Chaka's blog-it's so great!
~Thanks Chaka~


Natalie Daines said...

Congrats on the award! You are totally cool!

literaqueen said...

I don't like Special K, either. I think it's hilarious that your son wrote on the cereal box.