April 23, 2009

Where we loved to meet each day

There is a school that's called the Wasatch....
  • Mrs Stansfield once pinched my cheeks together when I was being cheeky
  • Ms Stoworthy had a short, funny, repetitive sneeze.  She also had my same polyester pantsuit (only in blue not brown).
  • Mrs Nielson had long flowing brown hair.  Everyone loved her.
  • Mrs Jorgensen's glasses went dark in the sun.  She was pregnant.  Her substitute was mean!
  • Mr Anderson told the story of the 3 little pigs in Norwegian.  He made us ask for things with 'may I' instead of 'can I'.
  • Mr Upstill worked part time at a pizza place, so you could see your teacher at Pipes and Pizza on the weekend!
  • Mr Frederico would tease me about my yellow disco pants.  Read sports illustrated during our library hour.  I cleaned his teeth 15 years later!  He wasn't a good flosser.
What do you remember about your elementary school teachers?


Bob and Julie said...

You're so funny. I can't remember much about my elementary school. It's amazing how much you remember!! So, I took a LONG blog break...oops. But, I'm back and I'm soooooo glad that you didn't take a break. I loved reading all your posts. You spring break sounded and looked so fun. I love that last picture with T and the kids. I also loved your post about adjusting to having T home again. You know, it's funny, If Bob is even gone for just a couple of days, I'm like...whoa...you're disrupting my schedule when he gets back. I can only imagine. But, I'm with you...THANK GOODNESS we have each other!! I love the "Cardboar" cereal too....cracked me up!! I actually like that stuff. So, the next time T and I are together, we'll have to share a box. :). Although, I have a lot of Special K to eat before I get as skinny as T...hmmm...:0 Well, you are truly amazing. I love your example and fun humor.

Chaka said...

Mrs. Nielsen was my favorite. I also remember Mister Bags leading the school song during the assemblies. Field day, and the May Pole. I also remember being one of the few kids who liked school lunch. Also Mrs. Lee, the greatest librarian ever!

literaqueen said...

Mrs. Haugard wore a big floppy white had with a red and white polka dotted scarf around it when we went out for recess.
Mrs. Lee let me play the piano for the "little kids" (the first graders) when I started learning how-- I was in second grade.
Mrs. Smith told us we have to pay attention the first time because she wouldn't repeat directions. She also read us Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing.
Mr. Rouse had chinchillas in his classroom. We couldn't touch them, though, because they bit.
Mr. Kinoshita had braces on his legs from polio.
Mrs. Parsons let me write as much and as long as I wanted.

Kelly said...

Any Librarian who would dress up as a witch each year during Halloween and employ her teenaged sons to come in and scare children during story time dressed as a mummy or a vampire is okay by me!

Man I miss her!