December 14, 2008

Christmas Letter on the Scrapping Table

Just so you know this attempt never made the cut, so there is no spoiler alert needed for those of you who actually get our Christmas card.  As is our usual, I try then T says 'nice try' and comes up with something way better.  This version is good enough for the blog though- and hey, it did take me a whole 15 min to write- so now no time is wasted!  Enjoy : )
Christmas letter attempt #1: Milestones

Well hello folks. It’s been a crazy year at our home and we just can’t wait to share every detail with you. Let’s start with the day Baby Girl uttered her first words. She looked up at me and said, “I love Mom.” Then Little Boy lost 3 teeth in one day. He likes to pull them himself. Big girl got a new bike this year and it wasn’t even pink. Big Boy started High School and ran Xcountry. Middle Boy has started wearing cologne and- WAIT I interrupt the writing of this letter to make a serious announcement. Big Girl just came up to me and told me that Little Girl did pee pee on the potty for the first time- she is not yet 2! Could this be our Christmas miracle I have been praying for? Big Girl says she took care of it for me, no evidence in sight. Sometimes Big Girl likes to tell me things for the shock and awe effect and truth isn’t actually necessary every time…. Hmm. I am gonna choose to believe. Because that is what Christmas is about. Believing.

Christmas letter attempt #2 Poetry

Twas 22 nights before Christmas and all through the suite
Many creatures were stirring for something to eat.
A rustle can be heard from the pantry beneath
I wonder if I will find my favorite wreath (and hang it up today)…
Mom should make some dinner before scouts tonight
Instead she is typing by very dim light.
T’s in Iraq now bundled up in his CHU (pronounced choo, stands for cruddy housing unit)
Tomorrow he will have to find something to do.
We love and appreciate our Daddy dear
In March or April he’ll magically appear (after a long airplane ride).
So here’s hoping I make it without much of a fight (with my teenagers)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Christmas letter attempt #3 'Jus gettin her dun'

N 14yrs- Ran track this year; learning to do things like saw the end of Christmas trees; Likes Homestar; Sometimes angry; Plays violin;
E 12yrs- Got the priesthood; made a good friend; helps his mom; loves candy. Is calm most of the time; Walks to school; Handsome;
D 9yrs- Very smart; firey personality; takes good care of Little Girl; likes to be silly; Loves the dog; Very capable; Started the violin; Believes in things;
A 5yrs- Has a love/hate relationship with Kindergarten; Loves her mom; An artist; Rides a bike (not pink but red!); Makes up songs; Has a testimony; Puts goldfish crackers in a drink of water as a snack. (Just happened- not kidding).
E 23 months- Got stitches the week dad left; Started talking; Gives long kisses on the mouth; Smells great after a bath; Has enough hair now for pigtails; Everyone dotes on E;

Best Wishes From our Family to Yours!


Kristina P. said...

Ha! Love them! Ours is one of those preprinted photo cards. So much easier. :)

Camrin said...

Aunt Kelly-
I hope one day I will be as good a writer as you! I totally love reading all you have to say. Lots of Love this holiday season!
aka Camrin

Nathan said...
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Eileen said...

I loved all of those Christmas card possiblities, but I'll admit that I LOVED T's Christmas letter. I read it to Lyle today and he said, and I quote, "I've got to work that into sacrament meeting.....and send him some cashews."

You guys have so much writing talent between you!

Kelly said...

Thanks Eileen. I agree that T's efforts in writing always make mine seem a bit so so. That is why he almost always writes the letter in our card. We miss him a great deal.

Bob and Julie said...

How did I miss the picture Poll??? Well, I like the fence one. Both look good...but...I think the color contrasts are awesome in the fence one.

As for the letters...well...late there to...but, I think that #1 is the best :) We ended up doing the #3 type but I think #1 his hilarious and so true to "real" life :) I truly wish I could write like you guys. You are so clever and fun.

CSIowa said...

Hi, Kelly--

I enjoyed all of your Christmas letter efforts! My last Christmas letter was actually a Valentine letter just before we moved here. They are fun, but all the assembly (pictures, envelopes, stamps) daunts me, especially at this time of year. Maybe I should have left this comment on the "letting things go" post. You're impressive!