December 31, 2008

Christmas Chaos

Are you ready for this? I certainly wasn't. Even with assembly help from my neighborly neighbors (who were quoted as saying "Why did you have to choose something with so many pieces?" Way to make me feel good...), I was up until the actual Christmas day (12:15 am to be exact) preparing for the morning. That is with all the presents pre-wrapped the week before. Perhaps having Big Boy as my elf was too distracting. Perhaps the 11:30 visit from Big Girl also threw me for a loop, but doing Santa without T was hard. I am still in recovery mode. But at least Santa was generous... as you shall see.
A couple 'before' photos:

We went downstairs to open the stockings. This year we invited Santa to hide them. Poor N had a hard time finding his, and we all had to wait for him before going upstairs to rip open presents.

A bit sleepy in the eyes still, but what a happy shot!

Showing off her new Hello Kitty Chapstick

"Actually I am a little hungry now" she's thinking (yes she eats it).

Big Girl looks happy!

He Looks happy too

This ought to make Mom happy in church

The last present

One happy dog

Little Girl isn't too happy. Being boxed in by Christmas is no fun.

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Eileen said...

You'll have to tell me what you think of the Sacrament Meeting book. Poor Little Girl all blocked in by Christmas. I felt like that too so we lickedy-split took down that tree and said bye-bye to Christmas. We're kind of Grinch-ish like that.