December 10, 2008

Whoopsy Daisies

A little accident happened outside our house today. I had some yard workers come to clean out the gutters and one of the employees made a bad judgement call and jumped from the roof down onto our porch covering that looks like this

So that it now has a hole in it like this...

He apologized and asked that I not hold his employer responsible. That it was his fault... nice of him eh? Although he didn't sound so nice before when he was cursing and arguing with his boss outside our kitchen window. He also mentioned words like 'dry-rot' and 'needing a replacement anyways'

That's when my sneakster radar went on and I thought I might be going for a ride somewhere (he taking me that is). He also said that he wasn't covered under his employer's insurance and that he thought he'd broken a finger. This was just him trying to distract me- his finger looked fine. Under his breath he mentioned that his boss did tell him to get up there and he was the one taking forever to come and get him after the ladder fell. Hmm...

So now what I am wondering is this. Although Mikey promised to come help fix it for us in the spring, do you think I will actually ever see that come true? And do you think I should get a quick estimate on the roof before paying for the yard work?

Honey, if you are reading this you wanna weigh in here?

Matt- if you read this post you wanna tell me what one of these porch covers might cost? Just give me the Provo Ut cost and I'll adjust for the east coast.  You do that and I will forgive you for making me fall that one time at Classic Skate.  



Eileen said...

Oh, I'd definitely get the estimate first!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, something sounds very fishy here.

Bob and Julie said...

What a buggar!!....Definitely get an estimate first...from someone who is licensed and bonded and can also say whether there actually is dry rot. Good luck!

Natalie Daines said...

You had quite the day yesterday! Hope you're feeling better! It was a pleaseure chatting with you...even if it was only a few short moments! You're an amazing woman. You inspire me!