December 19, 2008


So on to something new.... Sandwiches. In our family each child has dubbed a certain secret recipe on his or her own brand of favorite sandwich and named that sandwich after themselves. D had the D___-n-ator. A has the A____-n-ator. N has the N supreme. Fortunately for their mother I have avoided learning how to make these special order sandwiches and they each are their own personal chef for such culinary delights. D's sandwich consists of two slices of bread toasted and buttered with peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other and then there is a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle. He makes it and eats it with delight.

A's sandwich is a peanut butter and cheese sandwich cut into finger shaped slices and has jelly on the side for her to dip it in. I am not as much in the know as to the older two boys' sandwich recipes. They may be under wraps. They may be wraps for all I know. Baby E has not yet been speaking long enough to declare her own sandwich but I do notice a tendency to want whatever Mom is currently eating. She has a strange relationship with food. Sit almost anything in front of her and she will cry at it for a few moments before deciding to give it a try, then she usually eats it all up. But lately after she seemed to enjoy my turkey, spinach and pickle sandwich, I have been making it for her and she recognizes and eats it without the crying warm up. So I am going to officially dub the turkey spinach with pickle baby E's anti melt-down sandwich. Bon appetite!

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Kristina P. said...

These all sounds delicious!