December 06, 2008

A with a Camera

This is what happens when you let your five year old play with the camera for an afternoon. Interesting perspective I think.

A favorite Pony

That inspired a drawing

Where the magic happens

After a closer look at my foot

Don't mess with Big Girl! She's a Real Wild One!

This photo shoot is dedicated to our Dad, T


Kristina P. said...

I love her self portrait! Looks great!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kristina- my new mystery commenter! I think your blog is so funny. I am sorry to say that I am afraid you will actually send me a knitted tampon if I send you my snail mail address. Thanks for the thought though : )

Eileen said...

A. is a good artist! And not bad for a budding photographer.

Bob and Julie said...

Cute cute!! Thank goodness for digital camera's. I love her creativity and thoughtfulness. She is a keeper!!