December 02, 2008

Pocket Treasures

Well it's that time of year again. The time where your fleece or denim jacket just isn't going to cut it for warmth outside. So I got out my parka that is starting to look kinda sad (hint to Santa), and found these items in my pockets. When you move as much as we do this is a serious trip down memory lane. And also a sad reminder that I use my pockets as trash receptacles. I do it with my pants pockets as well. Perhaps I learned this trick at 5th grade camp. They told us to 'sock it in your pocket' as opposed to throwing our laffy tafffy wrappers out there on the planet's surface to decompose at shockingly slow rates. So when I go about straightening up rooms I often sock it in my pocket. At the end of the day, should I remember to empty before bed I can have a pretty interesting collection on my dresser. At which point I could start a whole new organization process, putting away Legos and Polly pocket dresses, etc. Or depending on my state of tiredness, I will just head for the trash, and hope no one looks in there as I put some piece of trash on top to cover up my crime. It's all so deviant, and lazy, and efficient. (more on lazy vs efficiency: conversations with my teenager in a future post).

Well as I look over these stashed away items of my 2007 winter in Iowa City I am reminded how much warmer 2008 winter is bound to be comparatively. I am sad to know that I can no longer go to Fareway to shop for groceries. A store with the best meat dept and customer service in the land. I am reminded that I did in fact get that print I had been eyeing at Hobby Lobby, even though they were out the first time I shopped the sale. I am also made aware of the fact that we aren't taking our kids on individual dates like we used to, where each kid always preferred to go to the new Sonic that opened up on the Coralville 'Strip' (like the Vegas Strip but with less traffic, lights and hookers). I also ask myself if it's okay to eat a year old chocolate kiss and why did it survive in the first place? I think I will leave the Cheerios alone. And THERE is that missing sock! I can't wait to try on my brown church-coat and hunt for treasure!


Eileen said...

I LOVED Fareway! I never would have been able to come up with the name, but I read that and went, "Oh yeah, Fareway!"

This is a great post idea. I hope you don't mind if I steal it sometime. I think I'll take pictures of Lyle's pocket treasures. It's always a very interesting assortment.

Dallas said...

How funny! I just laugh because I am the same way when it comes to putting everything in my pockets rather than where it should go. My favorite is when I find money that I forgot about. That is always a thrill. But nothing beats memories from years before. What a special thing.

Melissa said...

to bad you didn't find any money. That's my favorite.

ps. I would have eaten the kiss too :o)

CSIowa said...

A few springtimes ago my husband lost his cell phone. It was his work phone for when he was on call and he didn't like to carry it anyway. He let it lie all summer long, using my cell phone or making me get off our home line and not telling anyone at work that his was missing. The following October he took the kids trick-or-treating . . . and found his phone.

CSIowa said...

In his coat pocket, of course.

literaqueen said...

Oh, I miss Fareway, too! There's nothing comparable here.

I'm pretty sure there are no hookers on the Coralville strip-- but maybe things have changed in the three years since I lived there.