December 16, 2008

Letting things go

Tonight for brownies we went caroling in a very nice neighborhood of colonial homes. There were many nicely decorated homes looking perfect for the holidays. The host of the evening is a decorator herself and had lavish decor and fancy holiday things everywhere. A feast for the eyes. This year I have let the esthete in me relax a little and told the kids to decorate the tree while I baked in the kitchen. They did it together without a fuss and the only guidance given was to 'space things out' When it's dark and the lights are on it still looks lovely. But there are no other ornaments than the ones the kids have been given by Santa over the years. No theme other than 'omnium gathurum' (hodge podge). Paper colored decorations with pipe-cleaner for hangers adorn the very front and center space. Soccer playing Santa is actually on his head. Not sure how N managed that one. I will admit that there is an inner voice that creeps up every now and then saying "go decorate that tree better" but there are too many other pressing matters at hand and I am stretched too thin this year. I can't even get the laundry done or the bills paid. So why am sitting here blogging you ask? Good question- to which I have no good answer other than I feel a sense of connection and fulfillment when blogging, and I don't have to find those hooky-things to do this.

I found myself looking back to our house hunting days of last summer tonight as well- thinking 'why did we overlook this street when we looked for housing?' Probably it was too 'spensive... as Ricky (aka T) would say. (We pretend to be Ricky and Lucy Ricardo sometimes when it comes to money matters).

Then I was reminded how much worse we could have done when I looked over these gems (from houses we did look at) in my digital photo album.

I am glad that after all I was enough of an esthete to refuse to make due with valor raised wallpaper of half naked women in the main level bathroom. Sheesh!

We have a nice, yet unpretentious home for which I am grateful. And someday I hope to improve things in the kitchen....


Bob and Julie said...

Oh my goodness...those homes are crazy!!! I actually laughed out loud at a few of them. N would have had a hay-day with that naked women bathroom - ha!

I am deeply impressed with your home and I LOVE the Christmas tree. I wouldn't go in there and change it at all!! I am also very impressed that you actually have a big one....Those things are heavy and hard to put up! You are truly a super woman!! And...besides're BAKING! Keep up those fun Christmas know...the ones that really matter and will live on in your kids hearts forever.

Eileen said...

That's got to be the worst wallpaper I've ever seen. So WEIRD! The previous owner of our home just loved heart wallpaper and Home Sweet Home borders. In the downstairs powder room there was a wallpaper border that had scripture verses. It seemed strange in a bathroom.