November 28, 2008


Thanks for reading my blog today. It makes me feel connected. Thanks to the C family for having 6 kids for my 5 to hang out with over at their lovely home today. There's someone for everybody. The food was awesome and the kids played night games outside in the cul-de-sac until 7:30pm.

Thanks for the people who help me with things that I cannot do myself. For JL who gives my big boy a ride to seminary each morning. For the home teacher who looks under the hood of my van to check for the possibility of low steering fluid. For the couple who came and stayed with my kids so I could go to the movies with my girlfriends- thanks! For the family who came over and shared the most delicious brownies with us for family home evening. Those were really good-thanks!

We are truly blessed this season with all of our needs being met. The graciousness of others is very humbling. It is teaching me how to be when I am on the other side of this mess. I just had to take the photo of these turkey blow up lawn decorations that we passed on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner. I think that one turkey is injured and the other one is carrying it on it's back into the woods and to safety. Much like my many friends helping me out at this challenging time in my life. What did you think they were doing? I know I know- but I don't think that's how turkeys do it. I could be wrong. Maybe it's just the inflatable turkeys. Oh I am so off track with this post now....

I wish you the best of everything this Thanksgiving day. A shout out to my dearest T! Love you babe!

D is looking nervous in the tree at the C's.  He wouldn't come down and later fell asleep up there....

Eliza wants to swing, or as she would say "go Wee!" referring of coarse to what she would say not what she would do in her diaper if put in the swing. But maybe it's both.... hmmm.

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Bob and Julie said...

You are so wonderful! I loved reading this reminded me of feeling grateful for the same little things that people do for me. I appreciate your positive perspective and hope. You are a great example!