November 01, 2008

For This is Halloween

Tell me, what is more scary? The spiders or the thinning hair? hmm... someone is turning 40 soon-YIKES! That is scary!

For you T

What a poser! This was when she was convinced that Dorothy did actually have a french braid hairdo. There was a lot of controversy on the subject of how to do Big Girl's hair. Proof on the internet did not sway her, time of day doing her hair did :)

What a nice make up job if I do say so myself! He wasn't at the party 10 minutes though when he asked the young women to paint his face like batman.

This costume got rave reviews. I especially liked the bubble wrap trick or treat bag. He'd tell the people he was with Fed Ex. In case you can't tell he is Chuck Nolan from the movie Castaway.

Can you tell by this photo that D ate dinner after he had his face painted?

Here's what we were able to get photo wise of Eliza, who would not take off her coat...

And kept taking off her skirt-refused the hat and broomsick completely!!

And then pulled out her hairdo and just looked smugly at my like "so what are you gonna do? I'm coming up on 2 and you don't want to mess with me!!" And I don't...

She was an angel when given the job of passing out candy though. It was adorable. We had a nice night and now it's time for me to go to the school to decorate cookies and read scary stories that hopefully will not give anyone nightmares. Then I hope to clean the floors- or perhaps not! Ooooh Scary!!!


Dallas said...

What fun costumes! Your kids are so cute. I loved your hairdo too, very scary spiders! How fun!

Eileen said...

I somehow missed this post, but I LOVE Nathan's costume! So creative.