November 18, 2008

What a Day!

We like to play a little game in my family called 'Tell me your goods bads and funnies of the day' I am not sure where we picked it up, but sometimes it helps to get the ball rolling in the conversation department. So to vent a bit on the blog tonight I will present to you my goods bads and if I have any, funnies of the day. Let's think positively and start with the goods. Hmm... Having a bit of a hard time with that one. We'll come back to it so as to end on a good note. Bads, where to start? How 'bout let's go in order of the events of the day- mm K? N forgot to take his ADD meds this morning so he forgot lunch money, forgot to tell me about it in the car on the way from seminary to school, and forgot his violin. He probably forgot more things, but fiddle dee dee I forget what... Plus, after school he was as goofy as a clown without ADD meds on board. Only this clown did not have any good material to work with and was hungry and grouchy as well.

Big Girl was feeling lonely at school so she decided to spend a good hour or more in the nurses office chatting away until I could get there. And I am learning a thing or two about this school nurse. She's not really a nurse at all and she likes to talk... A LOT. So maybe she was feeling a bit lonely and needed some practice taking temperatures on little girls who are pretending to be sick. Someone should tell her that 99.8 and 99.9 aren't really that high for a temp and if it goes up by .1 that doesn't mean "it's heading somewhere" it just means the thermometer isn't accurate each time you stick that thing in her ear. Audrey spent the rest of the day tormenting her little sister and running around the house. She would also get really grouchy when I called her a 'big fat faker.' (Touchy!)

My funnies where when I read my friend Eileen's blog about a place called Middlefart. That's a funny name for a place. I also thought it was a bit funny that when E's coveted, self purchased, gotta-have-it-please-mom sweatshirt arrived in the mail it was 2 sizes to big for him. That was also a bit sad since he was so let down. Oh another one of my bads (yes, back to the bads) was when we were writing letters to our dad in Iraq and N was outside the room and E confided to me that sometimes he doesn't like his brother N. I had to admit that sometimes N is hard to like. But I didn't say that one out loud. It was good (see now I'm on to the goods) that even though N was sassy and wouldn't do his laundry folding job that he was repentant enough to not argue about his punishment. It was good that for most of the day I was able to keep it together- why oh why did the missing band-aides have to push me over the side? It was actually that and the simultaneous recorded call from the high school that I only got to hear the last important words of (thanks E!) that pushed me 'over the side' (as we still say since 5 year old N coined that phrase for us long ago). More goods- I need more goods. I IM chatted and video conferenced with T today, that was good. Phone call from a good friend was good. I am looking at a 10:00 pm bedtime here so that is good. (about 2 hours earlier than usual) I am alive and kicking, and as Scarlett Ohara (my heroin) would say in her southern drawl "tomorrow... is another day!"
PS there's no milk in the house- I just couldn't end on a good note could I?


Melody said...

Oh man, Kelly, your life sounds like mine times five. Not a lot of sickness-faking (yet), but plenty of arguing and chore refusal. And that's from the soon-to-be 7 year old. Can't wait till she's a tween. BTW, what's a good punishment for a kid who refuses to fold her laundry?

Bob and Julie said...

I'm thinking my bluggy day today is cake walk! There must have been something in the air...bad day every where! I am very curious about the good punishment for a kid who refuses to fold laundry also...please do share!! You are fun and a fantastic mom. I love Scarlett too!!

Kelly said...

The punishment was more for the sassing and disrespect that came during the laundry request. I took away his ipod for 24 hours. I also said that if his laundry wasn't folded (he only has to fold his own) by this time next day that I would take his clean clothing into custody for a while. (too harsh?). I also gave him a deadline on having a clean room. So we'll see... He absolutely refused to do any of that last night at 7::30 saying he had to go to bed.

Kelly said...

So I should also mention that I got up at 5:00 am to make him a hot breakfast of eggs blueberry muffins and real (not from frozen) hash browns. If you recall, we had no milk in the house. One thing I am learning is that food is a good way to soften up a teenager. He was all gratefulness and 'I love yous' this morning.

Kelly said...

Oh and his room was clean (or so he said, I haven't been down there yet)

Eileen said...


I was hoping there was some way you were going to compare me to Scarlett O'Hara. I kept waiting for that to happen.