November 19, 2008

Wink, blink, nod

Well the good Lord above must have known I needed a boost today because I got not one, not two but three compliments (of sorts) today lifting my ego considerably. Now I am no looker, but I had it when I needed it. Nothing to recoil at either mind you, just holding my own and still a bit vain, so you can see why these three things meant so much to me.

The first incident was when I was volunteering in A's class and a young 5 year old boy clearly winked at me. Directly.... with impact! I sometimes will wink at the kids and he must have picked up on it- winking at the winker. At the time of 'the wink', the class was participating in quite the congo-line of squirrels. I guess they are starting a new unit of squirrel study and they were pretending to be squirrels marching, eating nuts, and wagging their bushy tails around the two connecting classrooms. I thought it was funny how the teacher reminded them repeatedly that 'squirrels do NOT talk.' Apparently they do wink. I was touched.

The second flirtation (and it should be called such for it was nothing less than flirting) happened outside the school where there was a construction worker standing on the sidewalk. He saw me coming and I smiled and said "hello." I guess I was rather charming because the man who I shall describe as an African American male in his early 50s with a slight Caribbean accent then greeted me with a "look at dis beautiful woman walkin by, hello to you" I smiled and nodded and wondered a bit if I should be so friendly. Don't want to raise his hopes up too high. I thought about telling him I was taken mahn, but I was halfway to the car by then and didn't really think it wise to turn around. Still it made me feel sorta admired and nervous at the same time.

Then the last thing that happened was that while I was in line at the grocery store. A female store manager said when addressing the clerk checking out my groceries (or was that all he was checking out... hmm), "when you are finished helping this nice young woman you can take your break" Yes folks, she called me young woman. Did she know that I just turned 40? That probably would have surprised her. It wouldn't have been the first person to be surprised by the news.  Myself included.

So I was walking tall today with all these attentions. I must be doing something right!


Eileen said...


You hot stuff you!

Lyle said, "Hopefully you never run into a 5 year-old Caribbean grocery worker. You'll just blow their top."

Bob and Julie said...

You go girl!! Oh how sweet it is!! You are great!! Plus, I loved your follow-up comments from your last post. I shouldn't admit it...but, I kind of laughed at the entire situation. I know, I's just I can relate ALL to well. You are such a fantastic mom!!