November 24, 2008

Middle Boy

Here you see my Middle Boy 'E'.  At the risk of sounding pompous in my blog I would like to devote this post to him and only him.  The other kids will come later on sometime.  This one is all about E.  Being a middle boy, sometimes it's easy to feel looked over.  I know E has felt this way before because he used to pull his baby brother's hair in an act of jealousy every time someone mentioned Little Boy's lovely red curly locks.  E wouldn't just pull it, he would twist it up around his finger a few times and give it a good yank upwards.  It was then when we (his parents) would look at each other and know that we needed to pay E a bit more attention.  

E likes sports.  He used to spot basketball hoops in people's front driveways as we drove around town.  "Hoops!" our 2 year old would verbalize almost before saying "Ma Ma and Da Da." E likes cars.  He is the best in our family at recognizing and defining moving vehicles from a distance.  We always know there is a nice sports car around when we hear Evan's voice from the back seat saying "sweeeet!"

E is sensitive.  He has taken his Dad's deployment the hardest.  E is my 'finder of things'.  He is serious.  He wants to achieve things.  He always has a good argument up his sleeve.  He loves money.  He loves having a goal and working for it (usually something he is saving his money for). Incidentally he has earned a lot of money finding things for me.  He loves animals, especially dogs.  E is handsome and has his great grandma Fronk's beautiful blue eyes.  He is shy around girls and they are not shy around him. (trouble!)  He has a mean jump shot but is unfortunately very short.  I love E's low giggly laugh.  He likes to goof around with his older brother.  Little boy wants to be just like E.  E is slow to anger but when his fuse finally runs out- you better watch out!  He is good to his baby sister.  He is good to his mother.  He misses his Father.

 I love E!


Eileen said...

You forgot to say he's a great dancer! At least he was as a toddler. We love E too. And LOVE the photo of him. He looks so handsome!

Kelly said...

Yes I thought you might point that out. He used to really bust a move, but as a pre-teen he has buried that talent under a bushel somewhere.