November 13, 2008

Too Mush?

So I hope I haven't been gagging you all with a spoon (or as Baby Girl says it a 'boof'), with the mushy love notes back and forth from T and I. The lack of comments makes me think I am making folks uncomfortable. Sorry (or as she would say wawee). I will try and keep things lighter. I did have a wonderful birthday despite the fact that T was absent. Many friends really stepped up to the plate and showered me with breakfast out, shopping with my kids for presents that even T couldn't have topped, and a chocolate cake that was so rich we may take a while to get through it- which for me is a good thing since I am still (as always) trying to lose a few lbs. Today the house is a mess, and the calendar is full. A sure sign that I shouldn't be posting. I missed a chance to chat online with T though, so I am here at the computer waiting for him to give me a sign that he is out there... I just want to say a collective thanks to all of you who read my blog that wrote on my facebook wall to wish me happy B-day, or to those that called and wished me happy day. It was nice of you! Bless you for your efforts! And now I will go and have some leftover cake for lunch and then do 50 sit-ups.


Eileen said...

I feel like I do when my Grandma calls and tells me about all of the lovely birthday cards she got from the rest of her grandchildren. "But don't worry, honey, I know you're busy."

Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was fantastic!

P.S. Grandma DOES get a card, it's just sometimes late.

Kelly said...

Don't worry honey, I know you're busy

Bob and Julie said...

The picture is classic!! You make me smile with your mush stuff.

So hey---by now I've got to be more to you than just a token least...the prettiest or smartest token commenter...Come ooooonn!! :)

Happy Birthday again!!

Camrin said...

Happy belated birthday! I love reading your blog! I just don't get around to commenting all the time. Sounds like you are holding up okay. You are a very strong women!!!
Love and miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie for being my all time prettiest smartest commenter. I also read without commenting quite often. Who has time to be original on a comment? Not I said the cat. Not I said the dog. Not I said the cow... (was that original? Only if you read the little red hen)

Campbell Clan said...

Kelly, the Mush is great! I love your blog.