November 25, 2008


As if I don't blog enough already right?  But I feel like I have been treating my blog like a writing contest and that gets lengthy.  Just something to snack on this time...

A list of updates:
1-A is grounded from markers- for life.  She leaves them out for Baby Girl to get and we currently have markers on bedspreads, markers on hardwoods, markers on babies.  It is bad.

2-Middle Boy may have an ulcer.  He complains of stomach pain a lot.  He may also be trying to dodge school because he is letting his grades slide.  Not good.

3-Little Boy has a snaggle tooth (pegged lateral for my dental friends) coming in.  It's tooth #7 (or the one right from center for my non-dental friends).  It looks funny, can we do a veneer on a 9 year old?  How about a flipper?

4-Baby Girl is talking in sentences and taking off her own diaper to sit on her potty.  She is still over a month from turning 2.  Time goes by too fast!

5-N has his appetite back.  We are letting the medications slide a bit since he is now a trained puppy getting himself up and out the door at the unGodly hour of 5:00am.  He comes home giddy and hungry.  His grades are seemingly okay so far, so we shall see.  I am anxious to see him put some weight back on.  He looks anorexic!

6-I thought it would be non-stressful to have a family over last night for FHE (family home evening for my non LDS friends; Latter Day Saints also also); but even though they did the thought and brought delicious brownies I spent the entire day cleaning house for them.  Too stressful!  The boys were made to help me quite a bit and N mentioned in front of this family that the house is clean due to Mom's henchmen.  Where is he picking up these things?

7-This was still lengthy.  Sorry english majors out there.  T says I need to say things without so many words.  I am going to end now and get kids off to school.


CSIowa said...

I'm having my own struggles with 7th grade. I haven't complained about any given assignment above an F. We're just concentrating on not having any zeros for right now. He's a smart kid, but not organized or hard-working. As frustrating as it still is, I've seen a lot of improvement since school started.

As for markers, you may want to make a preemptive decision about scissors as well. Two is great for cutting hair, curtains, etc.

Eileen said...

N can never hang out with Adam. They were cute together as 4 year-olds, but as 14 year-olds, they'd have too much sassiness to share. When N starts saying things like, "my angel mother" or "Is there anything I can help you with?" then he can talk to Adam.

Kelly said...

You know it's weird. N has a Jekle/Hyde personality. One minute he is all lovey dovey and actually saying things like "my angel mother" the next he is out to get me! I noticed yesterday when I sent him to clean his room that when I went to check on his progress and was happily surprised at his nearly clean room, I complimented him heavily and he was sweet to me for the rest of the afternoon. A spoon full of sugar I guess....