November 01, 2008

Wanna see some family photos?

This is our latest family photo session. We were so lucky to get a session with Wendy while she visited DC. I just happened to book in time before Troy deployed. Go to this website and click 'clients' and submit the password, which is my name. If you don't know my name then you don't need to see my pictures... Okay it's Kelly. You can see... just don't stalk me and try to steal my identity. Promise? K.

Here is the website

PS you can leave a comment and let me know your pick for our Christmas card.


Campbell Clan said...

Hi Kelly,

Love your pictures. I like the one where you all are sitting on the bricks with the greenery in the background. I think it is 2477 picture 19?

Love your blog,

Kelly said...

Thanks Tish! That is one of our favorites as well since you can see our faces and we all seem happy.