January 02, 2009

Holiday Sharing

Well it just so happens that 2 years ago I was doing more than just pushing through to another new year. I was pushing my way through to child number 5. She came just in time for a 2006 tax break. That is a generous baby for you. So we, from here on out, get to welcome in a new year and add to that a birthday party. I should also mention that my 9 year old was born on my anniversary, and my 5 year old shares a birthday with valentines day (almost- the 13th). I share a birthday with veterans day myself, so I guess I should have expected such things from my children. Of course I never feel like it is an imposition to have no incoming mail and my husband home from work on my day of birth. I wonder if Baby Girl, in her future will mind sharing her special day with millions of people across the globe getting drunk singing, and kissing at midnight. Maybe I can convince her it's all in her honor. And seriously, who wouldn't want someone getting shoshed in your honor right?

Here are some photos of our celebration of Baby Girl turning 2... enjoy!

Blowing out candles (with help)

Monkey in the box has been a hit with young and old

But not as popular as this doll house. I had to buy since the housing market is so cheap right now....

And even though it came with furnishings, poor Grandma and Grandpa get to sleep on the floor. Shameful!

Big Girl has a new toy as well it would seem


Natalie Daines said...

Happy Birthday to "E". What a pretty little 2-year-old! And to the momma, you're an incredible lady, you know! Happy New Year! The best is yet to come! And it will!

Melody said...

Gee, and I felt gipped that every birthday in the family but mine was sandwiched within a month of Christmas.

Anyway, many happy returns to the newly two-year-old! She's darling.

literaqueen said...

Where did you find a monkey in the box? It's so cute- I love it!