January 15, 2009

To T on a Wednesday

Hi T
It's me Kelly. This separation thing is the worst ever. I am so anxious to have you home. I did a manly thing with wood tonight. There seems to be a squirrel or a rat or something large getting into the house by way of the stairs going down to the garage. Mice were coming through there before but it's something bigger now, it's clear because they are chewing holes into the bait things the exterminator left because they are too big to get in the existing holes. Last night when I moved the basement traps they had been chewing up onto the dryer, whatever it was moved to an alternate location and started chewing up another box. The one at the bottom of the stairs going to the garage. Blast those ROUSes!!! (see Princess Bride rodents of unusual size).

Lloyd says they sharpen their teeth on just about anything. Lloyd also says that the squirrels are low on nuts this year and have been going for his traps. I am wondering what squirrel Lloyd has been talking to. Yes I am on a first name basis with the exterminator. He must like me because he left some larger rat-bait poison boxes for no extra charge for me today. He's old so no worries okay? I just saved us some dough with my charms. So he saw that gap under the door going out to the back yard from the garage and told me that is how they are getting in (he's mentioned it before and seems irked that I don't just fix that problem-like my husband is home from Iraq and can do these things and all). Then the rodents somehow get into the storage under the stairs in the garage. This has him stumped and somewhat upset- I am upset right along with him. I stand there in the cold of the garage and cluck my tongue and say "those little buggers!" I think he likes this. Then they are up the space between the wall and the stairs and into the house. So last time he tried to tell me how to repair the huge gap under the door to the outside with nails and stuff. That just went in one ear and out the other. Me no do that. This time however he suggested putting a plank of wood up against it and barricading it with something heavy. Me can do that! He suggested barricading with paint cans but then realized his silliness with the cold being an issue there. I propped a piece of particle board up against the space and parked the go bug in front of it. Let's see them get through that! I threw in the diaper genie for good measure. Then the really manly thing I did was to shove more wood in the space between the stairs and the brick and then I used the steel wool wrapped in duct seal to shut those buggers out. It was kinda inventive and therapeutic for me. That is until I sliced my finger on one single strand of steel wool. Then I cried like a little girl. Please come home soon!!!!




Kristina P. said...

That does not sound fun. Hope he comes home quickly!

Bob and Julie said...

Ouch...that slice would hurt!! You are proving more and more just how amazing you truly are. But...I agree...T does need to get home!! Those pesky things are the WORST!! Good luck with the booby-traps. One bright side is that you were able to gain a friend...Lloyd!! :)

Kelly said...

I would forfeit my relationship with the Lloydster to have my husband home any day. And the sliced finger is still bleeding on and off today! Wacky!

SHELLY said...

Congrats on your manly stacking of wood and things, you should be so proud of yourself. I'm so glad that you found my blog and invited me to read yours. I have really enjoyed catching up on your family and everything you're involved in. It sounds like you have a great family and you are so blessed. I want to add you as a friend on my blog but I thought I should probably ask you if that would be ok with you first. Let me know how you feel about it because it'll be so much easier for me to stay updated on your blog if you're posted as one of my friends. Luv,Shelly