January 23, 2009

Life with a loving ADD child

This morning I told my son to put away the milk. It made it from the table to the counter. No lid- looked for lid, got distracted, left milk out. I also told him to vacuum the van yesterday (he's looking for extra jobs and cash these days). I came down to find all the mats out and the vacuum still out, but the van was vacuumed, kinda... I have asked multiple times for these things to be put back. Finally it happened, but it was almost not worth it to me what with all the asking.

"I feel like I am talking to a wall" I told him today on our way to school.

"What?" he said.


"Do you know that I had to feed the dog and turn out 7 lights this morning for you?"


"Right" I feel guilty because I really shouldn't get upset over things he has no control over

"Do you think you could try just a tinseey bit harder to listen and follow through?"

"Sure Mom"

"Time to get out now"

N kisses me and tells me he loves me. He is forgiving of my anger when I am not forgiving of his foibles.

I could probably learn a lot from N. Right now I need to go help him find his cell phone...


Kristina P. said...

My husband has ADD, and I swear we have this exact conversation, daily.

Kelly said...

You are so funny! I also asked N what would happen when one day I wasn't around to help him put away milk. "You'll be purchasing a lot of gallons of milk" says I... "My wife will help me" he was his response. Bless you!

Bob and Julie said...

Just reading this....I started wondering if my kids have ADD. I chalk it up to teenager-ism most the time...but...now I'm wondering. I am impressed with your patience...even if you think you don't have any sometimes. You really do!! You love your children and it definitely shows!! He's a cutie!!

Eileen said...


You know I hear ya'!! I swear, I ask my son 15 times before things get done. And he'll always say, "You NEVER asked me!" WHAT? I've been asking you all day!

Lately my big pet peeve has been that somehow it's my fault when he loses stuff. Really, it's not my job to know where his wrestling mouthguard is. I find it disturbing that he doesn't know! It's also not my job to know when his practices are. He got mad at ME when he missed practice on Saturday morning. Somehow I'm supposed to have ESP and know what the coach announced to the wrestlers.

Phew. Obviously it's a sore subject around here!

Kelly said...

Just take a huge breath Eileen.

literaqueen said...

I also wonder if it's a guy thing. Seriously.