January 16, 2009

Ode to my Little Boy

Andrew is my littlest boy. Two older brothers and two younger sisters. Smack in the middle of the children is Andrew. My husband T, was also a middle child and perhaps to avoid the middle child syndrome his mother wisely chose to call him her 'stuffin child.' "A sandwich is nothin without the stuffin." She would say.

Drew is very smart and has a passion for reading. He reads way into the night and is tired the next day. Tired and cranky to the point where I am sending him to his room, where he does more reading. Here is a poem I cranked out in his honor...

His temper his hot

like the red of his hair.

He often yells "STOP!" So loud,

strangers may stare.

He does not eat meat

Unless it is bacon.

Sometimes he feigns stomache aches,

but his Mom knows when he's fakin.

He dotes on Eliza.

With her wish, he complies.

They also both share

some amazing blue eyes.

I love his cute lymricks

He authors with glee.

He makes up cute dances.

I might laugh till I pee!

All thanks up above

For this 3rd son so dear.

Forgive me for crying.

Blame it all on the fear

of raising 3 boys,

with no promise of daughters.

I'll take on Andrew

Above all the others

1 comment:

Melinda said...

what a cutie! and those ARE some blue eyes!