January 05, 2009

Tribute to Two

Baby girl is now 2. And I would like to pay a tribute to her today. I remember when she was born and she was so good natured that she barely made us remember she was there- a good quality for child number 5 don't you think? She was much like her look-alike brother I posted earlier about here. Middle Boy would politely clear his throat at night reminding us that he was hungry. "A-hem, pardon me mother, but I would like some of that milk you so kindly provide, a-a-a-hem."

She was so good that we nick named here Eliza Do Little, because (and now you have me using her real name but who cares) her name is Eliza and she did very little. See this post from 2 years ago. Wow I have been blogging for a while (!). 


She now is a hustling bustling 2 year old.  I have often been aggravated by her several times before breakfast.  In public, when she behaves like a two year old and I kindly explain to whoever might be listening that "well, she's two" my fact-sensitive 5 year old will openly correct me saying "NO she is only one!"  Not until the presents were opened on the evening of her birthday would Big Girl admit that she was, indeed, two.  Even when I explained that she was born just after midnight in the early morning hours of the 31st of December. (btw, so hypocritical, but now Big Girl is wanting me to call her six but her b-day isn't until Feb! Shocking I know...) But I digress.  This entry is supposed to be about Eliza.

The rapid changing of my 5th and last child has had me thinking about how much my husband is missing while deployed in Iraq.  And how one can love a child so much even though they are completely different from month to month.  It's like we are loving multiple people all wrapped into one.  I came across a photo of my 14 year old the other day of when he was about 3.  So innocent wanting his portrait done with a little red Po tellatubby doll.  I remember his longing for a La La doll to keep Po company.  Carried the silly doll everywhere.  Now he can't stand having anyone see that picture of him.  I really loved that little guy.  I miss him too.  Okay, I really love the big guy too.  It's just so bitter-sweet to have them go changin all the time!  And with Baby Girl, it's all the more bitter since she is the caboose.  I just want to freeze her, but I know that would be child abuse.

Here is a peek into her life with a play by play of our morning (the good the bad and the ugly)...

3:00 am (that's am people):  Baby Girl calls me from her crib wanting to come in bed with me.  I rock her instead and put her back in bed.  She is not amused, but I hold my ground.  Last night was a mess I don't want to repeat.  You'd think on a king sized bed we'd have enough room to keep her from mashing my face with her feet.

7:00 am: She wants up, she calls for me.  I get her up but am busy getting kids ready for school so she has to fend for herself and cry without holding for about 10 minutes until she is tired of it.  She has learned to deal.

7:15 am:  Breakfast of cereal, toast, juice with refill, and later a banana to which we play the game "you want a banana? No? Okay, my banana.  Oh now you want it? Okay your banana"

8:30 am: Drive kids to school with Baby Girl in her PJs and slippers over the footed PJs at her insistence.  We don't fight her on this one. She also sleeps in her shoes. Every. Night.

8:45 am: Get undressed and requests a sit on the potty- no results...Get dressed and snuggle in Mom's bed.  She is very lovey dovey.  I cherish this time with her so much.  I'd say it's one of the highlights of my day.

9:00 am: Second attempt at breakfast- more banana ramma routine.  Wants more juice- Mom says no.  Suddenly she looks at me and says 'poop mom' so I excitedly ask if she wants to sit on the potty, she says yes and I take her in to go and notice a very recently peed in diaper (how do I know?  Just changed her and the urine is still warm... gross I know).  So I conclude that she must have been telling me at the table that she was filling her diaper when she said "poop"  This is an old familiar thing for me.  Her time must be on the horizon.  

I will spare you the rest because frankly it involves tantrums I can't recall and it's now later in the day and I can only live in the present.  But let's just say that I love honor and respect Baby Girl and her new age of TWO!


Eileen said...

Two is my favorite age. My kids tend to do "terrible threes".

Miss Eliza is so cute. I'd want to freeze her too.

Kelly said...

I love it when they start to talk. Everyday it's a new word for her around here. Can't believe it's my last one...