January 14, 2009

A House of Order-A House of Prayer

So I have been scrambling to keep on top of things around here for way too long, and I have been feeling just that-scrambled. When we recently visited friends over the holiday I got to witness something that for me was a bit on the painful side, my kids getting the attention they crave from an adult (not me btw). My patient lovely friend TP crafted with my daughters, got out large tubs of barbie clothing and moon sand. She sat around and chilled with my boys. She wasn't a stressed-out basket case like I usually am. It was so nice to have someone else in charge of dinner for a couple nights. So nice not to have to face laundry or the distraction of the phone or the internet. So nice just sit around, play with kids, eat some food, and shop for quilt squares.

The problem here is that we had to come home at some point. And the laundry had built up, and yes, the house was just as messy as I had left it. Also there was a birthday on the horizon to prepare for. I don't really know the art of slowing down and letting things just be what they are. I hope to learn that one day. But for now I care too much when the house is a mess and the meals are not balanced, and the pin the tail on the donkey game at the party turns ugly, very ugly.

I have been pondering (and praying) for help in this area of my life and the thought has come that I need to get help and simplify. Ideas have come to mind that I should be getting more sleep and paying more one on one attention to my kids. That maybe getting a sitter once in a while would be good so that I can do what I need to do. For me. I don't have to volunteer at the school if I can think of something more important- like taking care of myself. Do I sound self centered? Maybe I am. If I was completely selfless it wouldn't matter at all that I have no time to even clip my nails, but it matters.

And so I decided in a moment of hysterics one day to call Melissa for help in cleaning my house. I recall my phone message as saying something like "I'm not sure how busy you are Melissa- maybe you could come by some time when it's convenient - like today would be good" And yesterday.... she came.... and cleaned.... and somehow my smile has magically returned. It's been a smiley time around here fore the last 48 hours.... since she came. While she cleaned it should be mentioned that I did ALL THE LAUNDRY! All of it-even folded and put away 95%. That is an All Free and Clear miracle people! I also played Uno with the kids and we laughed at funny movie trailers (you gotta go see the Ice Age movie trailer with your kids- it's a crack up! Or maybe it was just the good mood I was in). And funnily enough the kids have picked up on this happiness and have entered Melissa in our nightly prayers. "We thank Thee that Melissa could come and clean house for Mom" my children have been saying. They seem to have noticed that a house of order=a happier mother. And I am noticing an improved sense of picking up on their part. I guess they don't want to mess with a good thing. Cause there's another saying around here that we go by "When Moma aint happy, aint nobody happy!"

Here are some photos of my house all clean in each room at the same dang time- enjoy (but I know no one enjoys it as much as I do).

PS One messy teenager's room isn't going to get me down. My new 2009 goal is to "let it be"


Eileen said...

Can Melissa come to my house please? I think you're doing great and that you do definitely need some ME time. Don't the flight people always say you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST and then your kids?

Organization is always my goal---because I STINK at it.

Pearcyfamilyfun said...

Awesome Kelly!!! A clean house always makes me feel good, umm, where did my clean house go?? Will Melissa come overseas?? haha, I am glad you are feeling better and hopefully your kids will humor you with a clean house.

Melinda said...

Good for you, Kelly! And tell all your committees to take a break for a while. You've got plenty on your plate. (If it makes you feel any better, January always makes me feel frazzled and grumpy and overwhelmed, too.)

Kelly said...

All my comittee(s!) Holy cow Melinda, no wonder you are frazzled too. I am no PTA pres. I can barely make the meetings they bribe you to go to. I am a committee of one my friend. We are up for review next month I hope I give myself a perk like earrings or a pedicure.

Melody said...

You rock, Kelly. What a smart thing to do. I'm super jealous looking at all the pictures.

Next up: Getting more sleep, right (i.e., no more IM-ing at 11:30)? : )

CSIowa said...

I'm glad you got some help, Kelly. However, I think you have a ways to go if you consider that last photo a "messy teenager room." It didn't look too bad to me. Good progress, though! I myself have hired a sitter DURING THE SCHOOLDAY so I could do some things by/for myself. I had to make a rule that I wasn't allowed to go to the grocery store when Chelsea came to babysit so the time could serve its intended purpose.