February 20, 2010

Me, Complaining

I am going to admit that I don't know at all what this post is going to be about. I just think I will start typing and see where it goes. Usually I feel like I should not post unless I have something to say, but not tonight. You can feel free to stop reading now if you like. I know one should never make excuses right? Well I just did, and yet on I continue....

The biggest thing I have on my mind tonight is my health. I have now been struggling with this bronchitis/pneumonia turned head cold for 5 weeks! Seriously! I am aware that there are worse things out there. But I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is making me a big crank too. My poor family. At least I was nicer today than yesterday. It's really true what that country song says "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Yet I am still waiting for the part in the song when he says he's "gonna make Momma happy tonight." (And I am thinking more along the lines of washing pans and folding laundry-not the other thing you are thinking).

My energy levels are way low. Carrying all that unfolded laundry up the stairs makes me breath heavily. I had been working out 3 times a week before all this started and had been feeling so good. Now I just sit around trying to get rested watching the olympic games. BTW is it just me, or does anyone else think that Johnny Weir was framed? That guy has some interesting hat choices but man can he skate!

One thing I thought was a benefit to being so sick was that my appetite is not there and I have lost the 5 lbs I gained on vacation in Florida, plus 3 more pounds as a bonus! Yes! Then one day I made chocolate lava cake and those lost pounds were suddenly found. My husband discovered that our scale is quite fickle depending on what bathroom tiles it is placed on. I think I am going with the same spot I usually weigh myself at and call that the truth. None of this moving the scale around setting myself up for disappointment. I like being ignorantly blissful. Finding lost weight overnight only makes me want more lava cake.

And one final complaint before I close this rant. I have a new pain. Its a mysterious pain that I have tried blaming on the weather, the heavy laundry, my age, an unknown injury, shoveling snow (whoops I didn't actually do any of that). I still don't know why it hurts, but my elbow is killing me! It's been a week of icing and ibuprofen with little change. Then the thought came to me sometime yesterday. Perhaps it's the big C...Canker. Did anyone else see that SNL skit with a young Alec Baldwin? The one where he pretends he's a soap opera star who doesn't learn his lines right and he has to tell someone they have cancer. He says "There's nothing they taught me at Yalee medical school to prepare for moments like this... Yes, you have the big C- canker" I wish I could find that video clip to share with you. But really the pain is unexplained and keeps getting worse. I know I need an x-ray, but that means dealing with the parking lot at Walter Reed and I would almost rather have the cancer.

Well I better stop rambling and start taking better care of myself. I said no to helping with the delayed Valentine's Day party at school yesterday. Bold of me! The first step in healing myself. And now I am going to get a good night's sleep and eat oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. There's gotta be some healing power in a steaming bowl of oatmeal.


noyb said...

have you tried to find the clip on hulu? for some reason nbc blocks all their clips on youtube, but they seem to be ok with hulu.
i can totally relate to your fears and concerns-the older i get, the longer it takes me to recover from anything. it sucks!
hope the oatmeal cure worked. take care and be kind to yourself. REST. FLUIDS. :)

jenfrommaine said...

did yo hyperextend you elbow at any time, even just a little? It can be a real pain to heal up completely and easy to hyperextend again, thus starting the healing all over again. I'v done it several times and the pain takes a while to go away. It doesn't take much for me to hyperextend it either. Just a thought?! It is amazing how you can go from feeling like so young and strong to old and fragile. That has happened to me in the last couple of years. It really stinks! Oatmeal is good though. Have you tried Steel Cut Oats?

Tracy P. said...

Girl, if you are still out of it this weekend, we are going to the Hilton and the kids can come over and swim with us all weekend.

Kelly said...

I am functioning just fine, I'm just tired of not being 100%. Our plans still stand.