February 04, 2010


(This post is for my friends/ family members who would like to donate- who know me, my boys, my address, etc. No pressure to those who just lurk on my blog)


Starting February 8, 2010, my two violinist sons will be having a Practice– a–thon to benefit Manna Food Center. “Smart Sacks” is Manna’s innovative program to fight childhood hunger. Each Friday, Smart Sacks provides hungry elementary school students in Montgomery County with 10-12 nutritious and kid –friendly foods for the weekend in backpacks handed to them at their local school. On Monday the backpacks are returned and refilled for the next weekend. We will be donating money to assist in this program.

To find out more about Manna visit www.mannafood.org.

The practice-a-thon will run two weeks, from February 8 – 21, 2010. They need to find sponsors for their practice time. The sponsor will pledge to donate a set amount of money for every hour they practice. Big Boy will practice approximately 10 hours and Little Boy will practice close to 7 hours. It is up to the sponsor to decide how much you want to pledge for each hour of their practice. Money will be collected at the end of the Practice-a-thon and sent to Manna. They may have as many sponsors as they can get. However please don't feel any pressure from us. There are many good causes out there right now.

If you choose to donate the checks should go to "Manna Food Center" and can be sent to me by the 21st of Feb. Just leave me a comment and I will know what to put you down for. Thanks!!!

Here is a sample of my younger son playing twinkle. This was a while ago- he's actually improved a lot due to a wonderful teacher! More importantly he is really enjoying himself.


Kelly said...

I would like to state for the record that we are not endorsing Adolf Hitler or his ideas in any way at our home. It was just a silly walk. Please do not let the "Heil Hitler" comment by my teenager in any way affect your desire to donate to our cause. Also ignore my other son's shorts riding up. I am sure that would embarrass him.


Tracy P. said...

Put us down for a dollar an hour.

Cholesterol man said...

Thanks TP. You are too kind. I really didn't expect anyone to do this outside of family members.

We love you!