February 12, 2010

Digging Out/Going Nuts

Well it turns out this is the largest amount of snow on record for this area. We have had an entire week cancelled. Everything cancelled. School, work, church (twice), scouts, young mens, book club, freezer meal group, brownies, appointments, everything. We were lucky to only lose power for about 12 hours. There were 88,000 without power in the surrounding area. So we feel blessed. Just as we were dug out of the first 30 inches of snow, another storm hit. Two more feet and this time with lots of wind. I gotta say the onset of this next storm had us feeling a bit depressed. We made it to the store in time to get milk and other essentials and then looked at each other and asked the question "What are we going to do to keep from going insane?"

What have we done? Let's see- we've made valentines for the classes (x2), celebrated Big Boy's birthday (this cake was so yummy!), had dart gun fights (we now have two big dart guns), played wii, played Age of Mythology, watched movies, cleared snow off our covered porch, shoveled out ourselves and several neighbors, played in the snow drift, had snowball fights, had sibling fights, played LDS prophet go-fish, played Farkle, balanced the checkbook, done lots of laundry, cooked some great meals, read books, organized files, hung up shelves, took apart our bed to tighten the frame (cleaned under there), and today I resorted to cleaning all the kitchen cupboards inside and out (found lost Twix-eating now). I purged junk drawers in the kitchen and alphabetized spices! I am going stir crazy. Tomorrow I am making Hello Kitty cake pops for Big Girl's birthday treat at school (whenever they meet for school again). I will also be getting ready for Big Girl's pajama-themed birthday party. We'll see if all 8 girls can make it. We are at a point where folks are getting plowed out by now once again. Then I hear there is another storm forecasted for next Monday. What is going on!?! We can't catch a break here. I suppose life will go on. But if we if we don't see some blue skies soon we may go nutsy trying to find more indoor stuff to do. Gotta go now- there some unmatched socks calling to me. BTW- being indoors too long makes me cranky. Just speak to T about that.


CSIowa said...

Hang in there.

Gabriel Fam said...

Kelly - I will not complain about the snow here in Germany...you have it way worse then we do. It sounds like you have had some great family time.

noyb said...

my family was stuck in the big ice storm of 72(man, that makes me sound sooooo old!)we lost power for a week and had to move 2 times to friends and family as their power was returned. its horrible to be kept inside like that. i can definitely say we were not at all productive like you have been. i bet some fun memories have been created that will be told again and again. hope you get out soon and things return to "normal".

Mad Mrs. E said...

beautiful kids! And that pic of those Icicles scare me a little bit..

cheers to my fellow military sahm!!

Emily said...

Time out.

Did yous say your spices are alphabetized?

I think it'll take a few feet of snow for mine to get that way, too!

Katie said...

I have been wondering how you are doing up there! Glad you have had power, but man, that still stinks.