March 28, 2009

9 More Days

What's up?  I will tell you what.  9 more days until T is expected to come home from Iraq.  That is exciting news.  Only one more Sunday without him.  Sunday in my opinion is the hardest day of the week to be without a husband.  I have to fly solo getting kids ready for church, we have to sit strategically on the bench so that there is less child irritations (FYI- Big Boy has to sit next to me and the end, yet I have to make it seem like it happened by chance or he gets all defensive-it's a delicate game to have to play),  I have to do all my churchy duties in primary and get asked by several members "how much longer until your husband comes home anyways?"  It's worse than being 3 weeks overdue and having people say "haven't you had that baby YET?" I have been in that situation before so yes, I can judge.  Then there is the lingering time in the afternoons on Sundays where I have to decide how involved a dinner to make for just the kids and I.  Then I have to choose between a nap or actually doing stuff with the kids.  Doing stuff is obviously the better choice but frankly by that time of day I am all for putting in Vegi tales and calling it nap time.

We have several 'honey-do' items for T to deal with when he gets home.  I'm told that doing stuff around the house is like therapy for the newly returned soldier.  So here's what you can look forward to T...  The back yard needs some clearing out from winter's storms.  We (you) should probably re-seed some areas of grassy baldness back there as well.  This means we (you) will have to hook up the water hoses to water the grass seed.  The hoses were disconnected and the outside pipes flushed and shut off to prevent freezing during the winter.  A neighbor helped me do that and I have no remembrance of how to reverse the process by myself.  The pond needs attention- 5 frogs were found dead today(!).  The taxes are still not completed-sigh...  I really tried, but it's not my thing.  "Fiddle dee dee!  Those figures just slip right outta my head when I am wearing a new bonnet." (okay I am not wearing a bonnet).  The closet door in Big Boy's room needs attention.  There's a crack in the wall in the basement.  The computers are acting slow.  The garage door has a boo boo.  And most importantly there is a family that needs some big time TLC!!


literaqueen said...

Yay, you're so close!! Now don't go breaking things just to add to the "honey-do" list.

Cholesterol man said...

Won't your reunion be so sweet! Congratulations on making it without snapping.

Natalie Daines said...

Last Sunday I took a I played with the kids. I'm right there with you. I think for me, maybe every other week is a good balance!? Do you still do rootbeer floats on Sunday afternoons? Such a fun idea, and yummy. I'm craving a sip of real rootbeer in this rootbeer barren land of Eng!

And I'm so very excited for you and T...oh, (and the rest of the family) to be together! It's what you need, really!

Kelly said...

You know, T is the root beer float guy around here. I think we had let that tradition pass. Time to resume that! Sorry you are so deprived in jolly ol England. Have some fish and chips instead.

Thanks for your well wishes!

BTW for todays Sunday after church activity, we all watched a movie together on my bed where I floated in and out of sleep. So it was a nice balance : )