March 25, 2009

Dog Gone

T had a Grandma who has passed away who we referred to as Grandma Silly. Grandma Tilly was her original nick name, but one time my kids saw her without her hair tied back in it's usual bun, her hair was sticking out in all directions in a gray afro.  Since then they called her Grandma Silly. Made sense.  

She had all kinds of funny quirky sayings.  "You're a peach of a pear!"  She said to us, pinching my cheek, upon our first meeting.  She'd ramble on for hours it seemed and then ask her husband to say a word or two.  He'd always say the same line which was "Generally speaking, women are generally speaking!"  Another goodie was "When we were first married we had nothing- and we still got it!"

Somewhere there is a book being complied of all Grandma Silly's sayings, but one I hope makes the top of the list is this one: "When life gets hard, God sends us humor to lighten the load."

That happened for me today as I remembered this recent analogy sent to me by my beloved.  Here is what he said that kept me smiling all day...

Well, sweetie pie I'm gettin' real anxious to see you. The minutes crawl by like a two-legged dog - one front leg, one back leg - toppling over with every step. That little doggie is tenacious though and won't give up. He's been hobbling throught the desert for 6 months to see you and he's almost there. He'll be pretty tired and dirty (maybe even stinky) when he finally arrives but he'll be happy and (hopefully) halitosis-free

I tell you, who wouldn't love a man like that?  Here is a photo he sent me of the dog that must have inspired this sad canine story.


Evan said...

Grandma SIlly sounds just awesome! Can't wait for your husband to get there.

Bee and Rose said...

I love Grandma Silly! What a fantastic gift to have a book of all of her sayings!

Hang in there, Kelly! He's almost home!

Seeker said...

thanks for the visit..your blog is you mind if i become a follower? Too had your chance to say no...LOL

Kelly said...

Ha Ha! Sure follow away- Just not in a bad way : )