March 18, 2009

Always After Me Lucky Charms

Do love the cereal. Don't buy it because I am opposed to all the sugar in my kid's diet so early in the morning and I HATE it when they pick out the marshmallows and eat them without the healthy frosting coated cereal part.

Forgot to buy some this year. Had green pancakes instead. Didn't get a great reaction from overly sleepy children who had just been drug out of bed to a leprechaun surprise!

Ah that's just my luck!


Kristina P. said...

I think that is so much better than Lucky Charms anyway!

Dallas said...

What a cheery attitude you have. Green pancakes are way better than lucky charms. A lot more love and thought goes into them. I love the faces on your kids. They seem thrilled. Some day they will understand the excellence of their mother! :)

CSIowa said...

On my way home from errands at 4:00 this afternoon, I remembered that it's St. Patrick's Day. I opted for a quick trip to the store for lime sherbet with Sierra Mist in water goblets with dinner. Also token celery tossed into the tuna-noodle salad. Here's to the Irish!

Bee and Rose said...

I think green pancakes would rock my socks off! That's a great idea! I did the whole magic green milk trick. I got the same reaction you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(loved your comment on my blog!)

Chaka said...

I went shopping for green food coloring last night. It was sold out so I had to buy the expensive flouresent green food color instead. It doesn't work so hot. Our scrambled eggs still looked yellow. I love your kid's reactions.

The Fowers Family Website said...


Thanks for the kind words. We are still in shock! I am so happy Troy is almost home I have been reading your blog thinking about my turn. Rob leaves in May. I am just thankful he is leaving me in this house rather than the cabin.
Take care of your cute little family!


Eileen said...

I think you're awesome to make green pancakes! Being Irish (last name Kelley, if you recall), I really should have done something fun. I think my kids would have had the same reaction as your kids though. Your little guy's face is priceless.

I hope Troy read this post and thought, "My wife is so amazing!" I'm sure he did.

literaqueen said...

I would have eaten the green pancakes and made a smiley face instead of a wrinkly lips one.