March 13, 2009

Request for more video

At the risk of making my husband totally homesick I am posting some only slightly dated material.  And why is it that I always pull out the flip camera at breakfast time?  Who knows...

The other reason for posting more videos is that he asked me to.  Plus I think we have worked out the technical glitches via phone support from Iraq today and I want to test things out.  Sorry if these bore the reader who may not know me and my kids well enough to care.  Feel free to skip. These are for T.  Miss you sweetie!

PS scroll down to a couple posts ago.  There is another one of Baby Girl saying "I love ME?"

PPS watch for Middle Boy 'dribbling' his ball before he shoots.  I asked him what the heck he was doing there off camera and he told me he was dribbling.  This was on one of his recent sick days and I brought this forgotten birthday present out of hiding to pass the time.  Now everyone has lost interest.  It was good while it lasted I guess...

video video


Bee and Rose said...

I love your videos! Your kids are such sweethearts! You can see in your videos that they are happy little souls!

Have a great weekend, Kelly!

{hugs to you!}

Kelly said...

Thanks Bee- sorta long to sit through all of them. Glad you enjoyed it : )

literaqueen said...

I don't know your husband at all (since I just met you what, two days ago?), but I'll bet he cried when he saw those cute videos.