March 12, 2009


Emily said...

Okay, I'm jealous. My son is 9 months old and, um, can only sign 'milk'.

I'll get on that.

I'm thrilled to have found your blog, Kelly, and even more thrilled to know: 1-that you're not getting thin on thin mints, either. And 2-that you smear any foreign objects found in the butter onto your food, as well.

Hang in there!
Emily Norby

Kelly said...

Thanks Emily! You are so kind. Nice to see you too!

Eileen said...

I got to see sweet little Baby Girl! I love how she kept having to put down her spoon for those darn two-handed signs. She seemed pretty patient about it!

Have you taught her "scared"? That was probably our favorite sign that Maya did. She did it once when an admittedly scary guy from our ward was kind of in her face and wanting her to talk to him. It was nice that it was our little secret!

Do you guys watch the Signing Time videos? They were Maya's absolute favorites.

Kelly said...

Yes Eileen she knows scared. I can't remember the name of the videos we watched with her. There were two different ones. We had a series of books too that were fun. Oh and a magnetic flip chart for the fridge. We had a favorite website we checked for words online too. That was what Little Boy was referring to when he said 'remember the guy who signed that online was actually bald?' Pretty funny

Bee and Rose said...

Kelly! She is adorable! She is amazing too! Signing is such a beautiful language. Lovin her hair style! I wish Cat would let me do that to her hair:)

literaqueen said...

I am soooo impressed that she signs so well! How do you know sign language?