May 26, 2009

16 things

I have 16 things scheduled for myself this week...


You may not hear from me for a while.



CSIowa said...

I hope some (if not all) of the sixteen things are actually FOR YOURSELF!

Kelly said...

I really shouldn't have said for myself there. 3 are doctors appointment 'for myself' but the rest are either church or kid related. Nothing on there is for fun : (

Bob and Julie said...'re sounding like me. I have fallen WAY behind on blogging. I LOVED reading all your posts. It looks like you had a great time in Utah. And way to go Troy!! He's always a hero! I have to tell you that I totally do the same thing with my cracked egg shells. Always have...go figure. That is odd thought because you are the first I've heard that does it also...hmmmm :) Well, good luck with all the fun stuff going on!

literaqueen said...

Hey, the Purdys are coming to play at my house over 4th of July weekend. Wanna come, too?

I'm off to Oregon to see Lolli and family tomorrow morning. Can I point her to your blog? Maybe, just maybe, my blog will have some Gonzales pictures soon.