May 07, 2009


Last night I was cranky and I will tell you why.  My house is bugging me because it's so messy.  I feel like this again.  And it's not that I haven't felt that way since December of '07, oh NO!  I feel this way quite regularly.  My Grandmother used to say "A place for everything and everything in it's place"  I really want everything to be in it's place but the other people in my life keep fighting me on this.  I mentioned to T the other day that someone I know always has a perfectly clean home and he facetiously said "Man, that must be really frustrating to her poor children who work so hard to mess it up all the time."  It's no wonder I really enjoyed having Melissa come and clean my house and take me to my happy place twice a month.  She has been out of commission for a while now and I am really really not in my happy place.  I find that the condition of things inside my 'person' (my purse-stay with me here), really reflects the way things are going for me in life.  If I am overwhelmed I stuff things in places and don't think about them until later- much later.  Lately it's been pretty bad in there and this morning it threw up on my kitchen table while I was looking for a lost cell phone.  This is what it looked like.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel because when I cleaned up the mess I found a missing 20.00 bill that I thought my husband had swiped from me (he always does that-grrr.... oh yeah, I'm just grateful to have him home alive and all that good stuff..... perspective!).  And a reminder notice that my 10 year old has a scripture to present in primary this Sunday.
So it's a good thing I lost my cell phone in time right?  Seriously, if you know where it is, please call me..... not on the cell phone though.  

That isn't all that is frustrating.  When we are in chaos mode I forget things terribly.  I forgot it was jersy day today at school.  Big Girl lives in fear of the upcoming pajama day being missed.  I still don't know when it is!  Remember when she had to dress up as a cow and did it on the wrong day?  Still traumatized.  I volunteered yesterday and realized as I walked in that despite my best efforts to have a pre-made teacher appreciation note made that it didn't make it to school on the right day-yesterday.  Big Girl made her sad face as Mrs S went through all the notes of children who's parents have their stuff together.  Mrs S assured us that a note on any day of the week is just as good.  We came home, couldn't find our note, made another and then just before bedtime, couldn't find the 2nd masterpiece.  Sigh!  Swear!  I give up!!! I am so ready for school to be over so I can stop being assigned to appreciate the teachers!  It's enough to make me want to homeschool. (But not quite.  You can see why I'd be horrible.  I'd never get any appreciation-day notes from my students).  The note could be in this horrendous pile that I need to go through.  Papers pile up like wild fire around here.  It's good thing I recycle!
So please come back Melissa so that I can gain some sanity.  

And believe me, the irony that I chose to blog about this mess instead of clean it up during my nap-time window this afternoon is not lost on me.  I think I will go take a rest myself now. 

Oh and the following video is for my sister Marie who tells me she likes to see vids of the kids.  View if you like- or don't!


Kristina P. said...

Sometimes, blogging about it helps you to deal with it!

CSIowa said...

What a healthy thing to do--blog and take a nap!

Little Girl is looking more and more like Big Girl every day! How fun!

Melody said...

Oh my gosh, my house soooo looks like this. And it drives me crazy. And I'm reading blogs instead of cleaning it up.

literaqueen said...

Look how cute that Little Girl is- duh! That makes up for the messy house.