May 16, 2009

Here in Utah

Well here we are in Zion for a few more days. It has been so nice to smell the fresh mountain air and take in the scenery. The people are so nice and it has been great to see old places and old faces (just kidding Grandma- your face is beautiful). I love the nostalgia that comes over us seeing the sites where T and I met and fell in love. Saweet!

So far we have seen a cousin's Lacross game, eaten some elk meat in our soup (don't tell the kids), been turned down at the Apline Slide in Park City,(not open until after memorial day-frowny face), went to Granny's in Heber city for awesome milkshakes that are so thick they stand up 4 inches above the cup with no problemo, went to temple square and lost our camera near the Christus- so no photos to download yet. This is probably just as well since Grandma T's computer might just take an eternity to download something. Getting on the internet just now took me about an ice age or two.

I have just one question to my Utah readers.... What the heck (and I can say heck since I am a Utah native) is that stonehedge replica doing on center street in Orem? I hate it! My sister says people have wedding photos done there all the time.... sigh! I am probably offending you here, but I just find that in very weird taste. Maybe I just need some time to acclimate.


Kelly T.


Chaka said...

I just drove by there the other day. It is a retirement center. I don't understand the connection to Stonehenge. I was hoping they would have decorated it with the giant Easter Island heads, but we can't all have our way. I hope you enjoy your visit.

literaqueen said...

I know exactly which milk shake place in Heber City you're talking about-- my sister-in-law took me there on the way home from a family reunion last August. Yum!

I think you mean to say the Alpine Slide opens after Memorial Day. Waiting to open until Labor Day would make everyone have an unhappy summer.

Kelly said...

You are so right! Thanks for catching that for me. I am always mixing those two up. It's like they rate the same on the scale of non-important holiday's for me.

Fixed it now.