May 03, 2009

You Say Tomato...

I love the current stage some of my kids are in.  Others... well...  (another topic for another day perhaps).  One of the things that I love about 2 year olds is the way they say things.  The way they mix up the words or the pronunciation of things and soon  your entire family is speaking this way.  It's like your family inside joke, and it really helps to bond you together.  Today we were going to buy an after-baseball game Slurpee, and I realized that when my husband and I swapped cars I had left my person (purse) in the other car.  Even though it was just my 10 and 12 year olds in the car with me, they completely understood when I said "whoops- I have no person!"  

Here are some others you may find amusing (or maybe it's only funny to us)...

Remote Control=Memote Contoe or sometimes just memo
You're Welcome=Dah Yecum
It's Not Working=S'nah Wurkkin'
Umbrella=M'brudda.  Sometimes mistaken for my brother (?)
Chapstick=Yips (sounds like she is trying to say lips)
Napkin=Whipes (makes sense I guess)

There are certainly more but I am having a hard time coming up with them at the moment.  Little Girl keeps us laughing a lot of the time.  It's gonna be sad when she grows up and starts to speak like the rest of us.

When we got home later I heard my 6 year old singing something familiar, yet not.  She has been listening to my old cassette tape collection from the 1980s lately.  The Police now have a new fan.  As do Ah Ha, New Order and OMD.  I am glad to be contributing to her overall musical development.  So she was singing out the words "Sandy bottom SOS, Sandy bottom SOS...."  Hmmm.... A sandy bottom is indeed an SOS, but what I think what she meant to say were the words "Sending out and SOS"  from the song Message in a Bottle by the Police.  

I shared with my family at lunch a similar mistake made by me in the 80s when listening to the words to the song Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis and the News.  I could have sworn they were saying "Hit the Beef Square" and it was either nasty and I didn't understand it, or it meant taking a run to Wendy's where they have those square hamburgers.  

I love these mistakes we sometimes make with words.  If you have any I would love to hear from you.  

Now I think we'll all go hit the beef square for some Frosties, take them to the sandbox, and hope we don't have to report a sandy bottom SOS!


Eileen said...

It is sad when kids lose those funny things they say. My dad (certainly NOT a kid!) thought the popular 80's hit "I want a new drug" was "I want a new truck". Undoubtedly a healthier version of the song!

Eileen said...

Oh, and this doesn't exactly apply to your post, but it just popped into my head. Lyle's dad was extremely disappointed in Donny Osmond when he sang, "Come on Maryanne." He refused to let it be played in the house. He said you only had to use your imagination to guess what he wanted Maryanne to come on and do. And that coming from good old Donny!

Kelly said...

I have to say that on the drive home from 7-11 John Mayer's song "Your body is a wonderland" came on and I wondered if I needed to forward it to the next song. How much was going over their heads I am not too sure... A pretty sexy song!

CSIowa said...

My little brother always called the remote the 'troll, as did the rest of my family thereafter. He also gave us "peequee treats" for rice krispie treats. And the ketchup and baloney sandwich.

My mom thought Huey Lewis was singing about foursquare or hopscotch: It's your turn. Skip to B Square!

My 3-year-old has an idiosyncratic way of saying "nevehmind" that I couldn't place, until yesterday when I happened to be in the basement during Elmo's world. It isn't quite as endearing to me now. I do still think it's pretty cute when she starts a sentence "Do you know . . .?" It began just about every sentence when she was two.

literaqueen said...

My nephew (now almost 11) said when he was about 3, "Look, Auntie Sheila, it's nowing!" I can't put that additional "s" in there now for the life of me-- too cute without it!

Melody said...

I'm dying over here! "Hit the Beef Square" -- that's hilarious!

Ruby says "mote" for remote control. Quite to the point, that one.