May 14, 2009

To BW With Love

So I heard a rumor today that I hope is true.  A long lost brother has been unearthed and may be coming to our family gathering on May 18th at 5:00pm.  It's the perfect opportunity for him to see us really.  The main reason he has stayed away is our father who will not be there.  Out of the country seeking medical attention for our stepmother's cancer.  TMI?  

I just wanted to send out a message (as I do suspect he has found me on this blog and reads about us incognito), that I would love to see him and hug him and tease him about how grey his beard is.  A word of caution, he can no longer tease me about how I have been developing.  That's not appropriate for 40 year olds- or 14 year olds for that matter.  But then tact was never a strong trait for either of us.  Possibly part of the problem... 

It's been too long to remember what separated us in the first place, but you are still missed.  Please do come.  There will be a getting to know you walk across the stage, a slide show honoring our mother, and some ultimate frisbee.  Root beer floats with home made root beer!  What person could possibly pass that up?



c a n d a c e said...

It is unfortunate we didn't see BW but I sure miss him.

So great to see you guys!!

Kelly said...

True- I wish he would have come. Maybe next time.