May 22, 2009

Sister Act

Having just spent some quality time around some of my sisters (I have 7) I noticed some interesting things. I laugh just like M___, she says it was Mom's laugh. I sound a lot like P____ (especially when I am around her my voice just naturally goes up an octave). And not only do I share similar tastes with my sister Sh____, oddly enough, we do similar things that one would never guess. Like we both do this with our egg shells.

Someone once told me that was gross, but I can't seem to help myself and I keep doing it anyways. It seems the fastest place to get rid of the egg shells. The only problem is that when you go to recycle the egg carton sometimes getting out all the shells can prove problematic. So it's a battle for me between two things I love; efficiency and recycling. Luckily for my sister, she lives in Utah where they still don't recycle (as far as I can tell-sigh). Anyways, here are some other sisterly similarities that I found fascinating but you may find rather dull. Just remember that I haven't been around my sisters in years so I can't pick up on these things through association. I just think that genetically speaking there is something there that makes us act the way we do and choose the things we do... It's kinda spooky really!

Exhibit A: The butter dish. It's a rather common looking butter dish I know, but we bought the same one without knowing about it.  Maybe you think this is not that big, but just keep reading, you're bound to be getting goosebumps by the end of this post.

Exhibit B: Magnetic polished nickel containers on our fridge. Mine hold nails, paper clips, and nail clippers that seem to disappear quite rapidly. Hers contain plastic 'fridge bouncers' and chess pieces. She is a little crazy! I didn't say we were twins people.  Is it coincidence?  Or the supernatural?  You decide my friends... Que scary music.

Exhibit C: We have the exact same floral print. Who knows were we each bought it at. The frames are different, but the sisters are weirdly the same person I guess...

Exhibit D: I have no photo but this one is not as weird since we both shop at pottery barn but we have similar styles of linens and fabric covered items. She has this same striped print all over her house, and so do I (but not as much- guess I am a minimalist compared to her).

It's just odd that we would choose the same things as consumers when there are so many choices out there. Really odd.

So when people would see me and say "Oh you look just like your sister" I think my response should have been- "you think we look alike you should see our linen closets!"

I wonder if she had been stationed overseas in Korea if we would have both come home with this little kokeshi doll.... Who knows!?


Kristina P. said...

I totally do that with the egg shells. It's all about laziness with me.

CSIowa said...

So, do you just leave the eggshells there in the carton until all the eggs are gone, or do you throw the shells in the trash at a more convenient moment before you put the eggs away?

Why would you keep broken eggshells in the fridge?

I may have to rethink our friendship.

CSIowa said...

My three sisters and I all sound very much like my mother, especially on the telephone. Apparently, we all sound like three-year-olds when we say hello. We are sometimes asked, "Is your mommy home?"

My usual response to that is, "I AM the mom." People get so embarrassed, it cracks me up. (But I still don't keep the shells in the fridge.)

Chaka said...

My wife does that with the eggs and it drives me crazy. At least it's not as bad as when people put a completely empty milk jug in the fridge because they are too lazy to throw it away. Those are some spooky similarities.

Kelly said...

I really don't think the eggshells are exactly a health concern. I just keep them in there until I throw the whole thing away.

Maybe you should re-think. I just can't go changing.

Rhonda said...

hey aunt kelly,
I just sent you a facebook e-mail and i thought you would like to know do you ever check your face book if so you can face book me back. i have a face book too well talk to you later.
Leslie Hills

literaqueen said...

I've never understood the eggshell thing, although I know lots of people who do it. Maybe if I had my eggs in the carton rather than sitting loose in the little plastic bin I'd consider that method. Or not.

I have an identical twin and our houses and tastes are very dissimilar. Maybe you and your sister were really supposed to be conjoined twins of, um, different ages . . .?

Katie said...

That is SO interesting! I love things like this. One time on one of those news shows (can't remember which one), they were talking about a study done with twins and siblings that were seperated at birth and raised seperately. They still had SO much in common - even dancing the same. It was amazing.

My dad does that with eggshells. I catch myself doing it sometimes too. I hate taking it eggshell over to the trash after cracking it - dripping all the way.