June 07, 2009

Changes since Iraq

Beautiful Sunset in Iraq

Soldiers talking to family at home

A Sheik packing some heat

A gentle reminder...

This morning T pointed out to me that it is our two month anniversary.  Two months since his return from Iraq.  He asked me how the adjustment was going...  Good question.  Some days are hard.  Most days are good.  His perspective?   "Feels like I never left"  Mine is a bit different.  I feel less adequate sometimes.  T came back in such good physical condition that it makes me self conscious.  

I am doing all the yoga I can stand, but I am still miles and miles behind him.  Okay- I could probably be doing more yoga, but there is always another need that comes up.  Like the kid who needs me to search for an umbrella, or write a check out for lunch money, or the blogs I check in the early morning that turn into 40 minutes of reading instead of 40 minutes of sweating.  Although my yoga poses are getting easier, my will to begin has gotten weaker.  Again-failure.  But what are ya gonna do?

Here are the things we notice in each other that are new since the deployment:

Kelly says T is more fit
Kelly says T is friendlier to people and goes out of his way to make nicey nicey.
Kelly thinks T looks great!

T says Kelly is more confident in her abilities.
T says Kelly is more patient
T says Kelly is more beautiful (needs a new glasses prescription or else this guy is blinded by his love!)

Change can be good I guess.



Kristina P. said...

Change can be hard, but it makes us stronger. I am convinced of it.

Katie said...

Great post.

I am with you on the yoga.

Bob and Julie said...

He got some great pictures! Do you notice that time is going faster since he's been home...like the last 2 months, have they gone by quicker than 2 months of having him gone?..hmmm... Well, I enjoyed catching up on all your posts. I can't believe you didn't buy a RIDING lawn mower...now that's the best :) You are wonderfu...and yes...you are beautiful too!! T doesn't need new glasses :)

literaqueen said...

And K and T are both happy together again; no wonder the last two months have gone by so fast.