June 19, 2009

Check Mate!

Check this out, mate... (ha ha). My favorite part is the british accent and the background music.
I am so glad we taught him how to play chess so that he can be a well rounded, culturally developed young man. A real brain child, ya know? Look out Bobby Fisher! Hey, where is that guy anyways?

And now for your viewing pleasure a special feature/gag reel edition of Check Mate!


Dallas said...

That is hillarious! I couldn't stop laughing. What creative children you have. My favorite is the end when the earthquake defeats the monster and all the dead soldiers cheer. Priceless!

CSIowa said...

I think your blog title is great! It just needs a subtitle, like "We don't mean to brag, but we're so gifted and well-traveled that we can't help it! You may bask in our aura."

Jennifer said...

That is one funny boy! I too was quite fond of the earthquake ending =) Love the creativity!

literaqueen said...

This version's much more entertaining that regular chess.