June 23, 2009

What I've been up to...

You'd think that with summer we'd see some slowing down in the pace around here.  Not happened yet.  I have had the excitement of company.  My nearly perfect dentist brother is visiting from Orem with his five children.  It has been so great to have them here to hang out with my kids and invite us along on their vacation with them.  The DC area has so much to offer for all ages.  Come on over, we love visitors!

Then we needed to send 2 boys off to scout camp.  Things around here are a lot more quiet minus two teenaged boys.  Yet there is still cub scout day camp to tend to.  Tomorrow is my day to be a 'den walker' and I just sent T to get ice for the cooler.  As the den walker it was suggested that I bring a wagon and cooler to tote our lunches around in.  Have no wagon, but will bring cooler.  I was shocked when my 10 year old came home today (the first day of day camp), with a rat's skull tied around his neck as some sort of evil accessory. 

"What's that?!"  I asked daring to touch.
"A rat's skull... It was found after an owl had digested it and threw up the bones"
"Oh"  I said wishing I hadn't touched it... He assured me that they were clean rat skulls, so that's always good.
Those scout leaders really know how to hook a kid and reel him in!  I wonder what treasures I am in for tomorrow?!

I can't help but ask myself just how well can one clean a regurgitated rat skull?


CSIowa said...

I'm up for day-camp duty again next year. It isn't my favorite thing, but more manageable the second time around, without anyone under the age of 5 to worry about at home (which is what my youngest will be by then--can you believe it?)

We ended up with YW camp and scout camp during the same week in July, so I also have a few calmer days ahead of me.

Next spring remind me how much I hate driving my kids to daily camps that are only 2 or 3 hours long, okay? Let's just not sign up again. It's got to be at least 4 hours long to be worth it for me. And I'm liking the semi-weekly evening swimming lessons for a month, instead of everyday for two weeks, although I'm missing the outdoor pool experience.

Bee and Rose said...

That would completely win my son over too! lol!

I love visiting DC! I hope to bring my kids there in the very near future!

literaqueen said...

Doesn't stomach acid clean stuff well? Still not sure I wouldn't have been running for disinfectant after touching the rat skull. Actually, I wouldn't have touched it in the first place. You're a braver woman than I am.