June 04, 2009

Summer Time Blues

"School's almost out you know" Big Girl announced today.

Reading over her part for Friday's 'play' confirmed the fact. It said, and I quote:

"Only 7 more days of school and the sun is shinning. Let's go climb a tree!"

What, is that panic I feel????

Could it be that I am worried that my sometimes frazzled weekend-self will be ever present from June 15th through Aug 27th? What am a going to do when my teenager is mouthy for too many hours in a row during the day? Or what about when the fighting begins, and never ends? How am I going to occupy their time? And mine? I need a silver lining here.

Think.... Think....Relatives are coming. There's one. I will have a babysitter at home during the day again... There's two!  Beach anyone?

Maybe I can get Big Girl into sewing with me. Then there's scout camp and lacrosse camp. The pool is just a walk away! Tomatoes are in the ground. Here come the BLTs, I can taste them now. We can sleep in, and go to matinees, eat frozen yogurt and gaze at the stars with Big Boy's telescope.  7 more days, and although it's raining, let's go climb a tree!


Tracy Purdy said...

And don't forget trips to Philly and visits from the PA friends!!!!

Kelly said...

How could I forget that?!

Katie said...

We get out next Wednesday, but Colin was home sick yesterday. He was really bored and restless and it got me really worried for the summer. I started making a list in my head, just like you, and I only have ONE kid who is getting out. Wise one, please tell me I will survive.

Kelly said...

The force is strong with you. Just take it one day at a time. And keep the miracle grow away from the pool.

literaqueen said...

At the end of the summer you'll be thinking, "Hey, where did all the time go?"