June 29, 2009


I have a handy dandy way to fix things around here.  It's called out of sight out of mind.  I actually learned this method from a childhood friend named Traci.  We were driving around as teenagers in her new clunker car bought for her by her Dad.  It had some interesting noises.  So to hide/fix these noises we'd just turn up her radio super loud!  Problem solved.  We also used to turn the heat way up in the winter but also leave the windows down to balance out the extreme heat.  That was her idea, not mine. Seemed kind of wasteful to me.  Anyways....

Some fixes I have come up with are as follows:

1-We had a hand-me-down console TV when we were newlyweds.  It was once a very nice television.  It was incased in wood and was larger than our chest of drawers.  The problem was the light sensor thing was on the fritz.  There were these large blueish green shadows behind everyone when you'd watch during the daylight hours.  At night it was fine.  So I noticed that by putting something over the sensor that it made the shadows disappear.  Taping a piece of black electrical tape over the sensor made things just fine!  We later sold that TV for 300.00 at a yard sale.  The Mexicans were outbidding each other for it. We tried to explain the defects.  Not sure if they understood though.  They were just impressed by it's size I am sure.

2-One time when we bought a house with an ancient intercom system that not only didn't work but was quite hideous.  I took the thing out of the wall and instead of dry-walling the hole over again, we just hung a large painting of fruit over it.

3-We currently have weeds growing along the fence in our back yard that we are calling ground cover.  The leaves are heart shaped and there are purple flowers in them.  I know they are probably weeds, but I'm going with annuals. 

4-We also have a race-track that Santa brought that is busted.  Some friends came over and messed around with it a bit too much and the loops are no longer staying put.  So we took the loops out, hid them in a closet and viola!  track without loops-still works fine.

So what are the quick fix solutions at your house?


literaqueen said...

When I hear a funny noise in my car, I tell myself it will go away soon and not to be a car hypochondriac. Works great.

By the way, a new family moved into my ward and the husband looks like Big Boy grown up. Kinda freaky-- in a good, time warp kind of way.

Chaka said...

I carry band aids in my glove box so when the warning lights come on in the main console I can just cover them up and I dont have to stress about it. My house has those horrible intercoms in several rooms. They don't work and I have also hung paintings over two of them.

Thanks for your support with the followers today.

Shana said...

My car is falling apart, makes an aweful noise. But the radio works great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting !!

literaqueen said...

One even BETTER one, this time from the city of Morgantown: there's a bridge/overpass that is getting run down. Some pieces of it fell on a newspaper truck a few months ago. Did they fix the bridge? Nope. They hung a net under the bridge to keep pieces from landing on cars when they break loose.