June 19, 2009

A Trek

Our oldest son is now old enough to go on a youth outing called Pioneer Trek.  It's a weekend activity where they dress up as our Mormon pioneer ancestors and do a simulated pilgrimage.  They split up into 'families' push hand-carts, go without food (for a brief period of time), cook over campfires, etc.  Enticing no?  

A pre-requisite 'trek walk' was required in Sligo Creek Park.  We decided to make it a family affair.  Including Abby our dog.  (real name used for the dog- don't you doggie sickos out there come find her, she is cute but she is an alpha female and she will take you down!)

T looked like an ad for runner's magazine someone told him.

I looked pretty much like myself... sigh (must.. do.. more.. yoga).

Big and Little Girl had a nice leisurely ride in the Trek 'go-bug' as it's called.  

We need to put this baby to more use!  I can hook it up to my bike even.  I think I can count on one hand how many times this has happened since we bought this baby though.  It's only 18 months old, and the tire was flat for 6 months of that time and then there was a winter in there, and a husband was deployed and couldn't fix the tire, etc, etc.  I think that number of excuses ought to last me a while... This next year will be the year of things like biking and walking and running as a family.  Taking excursions like this one.  It was so calm and peaceful on that trail.  

That could have been because the 3 boys and Abby ran ahead on the trail though... hmm....

Well after a bit, Big Girl wanted to get out, so we gave her a camera to keep her happy and we got some great photos from her.  Want to see what she found photo worthy?  

Then we saw this lovely crane.  At least I think it's lovely, you may want to ask another crane for a 2nd opinion.  

All in all, it was a nice outdoor trek to take our outdoor Trek on, in preparation for Big Boy's upcoming Pioneer Trek.  BTW, seen the new Star Trek movie that's out right now?  It's awesome!  Especially for all you Trekkies out there.  

Live long and prosper!


Kristina P. said...

I hope he has a good time! It wasn't my favorite thing. I almost died!

Kelly said...

He seems excited. We were told not to reveal too much to our kids about what is involved. Having never gone myself I have no idea what I am keeping a secret.

At least he is fit. He's a Xcountry runner.

literaqueen said...

He'll be fine. They'll probably do a "women's pull" at some point to simulate when all the able-bodied men got taken off to the Mormon battalion. That part's not so fun (they generally pick the steepest part of the trail for it). I was not meant to be a pioneer.