June 02, 2009


The other day I used the word tutelage.  I think it was in reference to one of my son's wanting to play a new sport.  "Lacrosse sounds like a fun sport for you to try but maybe a camp this summer would help before we join a team.  Things  may work better after some tutelage."  My 15 year old thought that was the funniest things he had ever heard... ever.  "Did you just use the word tutelage?!" he giggled.  "Yes" I said knowing it was probably just funny/unfamiliar sounding.  No.  That wasn't it.  Then I remembered an answering machine message from about 2 years ago that had a similar effect.  "Hello" the machine said "This is violin tudor Nile" (yes Nile was her name and her enrglish was not the best- it was while we lived in Seoul).  "I rill not be able to make our tudor session today, as I have appointment, cannot cancel."  Big Boy rolled on the ground for half an hour listening to this message over and over.  

Still wondering why he finds this pun so hilarious?

Maybe if I spell it out for you a different way: 


Violin Tooter...

Or if I show you a graffiti image I found, after a member of our church pointed it out, outside our front door yesterday: (feel free to click and enlarge for full effect)

Now dear reader, your mind may wander to that 'potty place' and you will understand this type of humor.

I would like to put out a special thanks to Dav Pilkey author of Captain Underpants for planting those seeds of pre-pubescent boyhood dirty-mindedness.  You really got a good thing going there.  You started him into a love of reading that's for sure.  Now can you make him stop with the poop head drawings?  Got a book for that Mr Pilkey?

(actually I laughed just as hard at the violin tooter comment- I'm no prude, I just like keeping that sort of thing away from the churchy people who come to my door)


Katie said...

Very funny! I am sure I have plenty of this in my future with my three boys.

Jennifer said...

This one had me laughing out loud. . . . . and I don't even have boys =) Emily's teacher has a 4 year old daughter who came to school and called a classmate Captain Tooter at quite the appropriate moment if you catch my drift. . . . the teacher passed it along to the mother who laughed saying it was all thanks to the dad . . . . who just happens to be the school principal! Every time I hear the word tutor now I snicker to myself. The other one recently that has made me snicker- Vladamir Putin's last name. After a colleague of Tyler's pointed out his inability to contain himself each time he heard "Poo-tin." Guess we really never grow up, eh!