March 16, 2010

Here We Go Again

We have a visitor on Mondays at our house. I'll call her L. I just love her. She comes on Mondays, and Little Girl goes to her house on Thursdays. This arrangement allows their mothers to run errands or volunteer at school without a youngster tagging along. L is with us for an extended period of time today since her parents are in the middle of closing on a house and in the process of a move. So today involves a nap at our house-not the usual. So for nap time L took Little Girl's bed and Little Girl is currently in her brother's room. Although she just now got out for the 2nd time- things aren't looking good for nap time today.

Anyhow- I tell you that so that I can tell you this:

Little Girl got out of bed to use the toilet-totally acceptable! She finished and I told her to pull up her pants.

"They aren't pants- they are leggings!" I stood corrected.

"Shall we wash your hands now?"

"No- you wiped for me, wash your hands."

Also true. How can one argue with that logic?

This reminds me of another boy's potty habits at that age. I will digress and tell you about it :
When Big Boy was in pre-school he had a funny habit of getting rid of the extra drops after urinating, by slapping his tummy and swaying from side to side using gravity's forces to do the job for him. This was ingenious and efficient since it also saved him the trouble of having to wash his hands. He did his business entirely hands-free. Never lifted the seat and the peeing part required some forward leaning. I am guessing you get the picture here. His experienced pre-school teacher couldn't argue with him there. Bless her heart, Ki Ki thought it was adorable. That kid thinks outside the box quite often actually. This was an early sign.

So back to Little Girl. After I washed my hands I told her to go back to bed.

"It's not my bed it's my brothers!" Was her reply. (It's like when you tell the kids to put on their shoes and they say "they're not shoes they're sandals!"-argh!)

I think I have another arguer on my hands here. Heaven help me.


noyb said...

oh my gosh. i dont know how it is done, but that arguing stuff has to be managed! my whole family thought it was so sweet when my now 13 year old nephew pointed out things like you mention in your post. "adorable!" "hes so smart!" "i bet he will be a lawyer someday!"
now we are considering the witness protection program just to keep him alive. he argues everything. every point. every detail. it is truly out of control. hope it doesnt go that way for you. its a hard road.

Kelly said...

I have 2 older kids who were this way too. I may be in for it I guess. Say an extra prayer for me!

Eileen said...

I remember that about big boy!!! SUch funny kids! The one we still talk about though was your number 2 boy and his indian dance. Oh my gosh, I hope you have that on video! And hopefully you do NOT have big boy's slap and swing technique on video!

literaqueen said...

Oh, the literalness that makes us all crazy when we're on the other end of it . . . just don't volunteer to coach debate anytime soon.

Katie said...

Wow, I didn't know everyone got the "They're not shoes, they're sandals!" argument! I don't feel so alone now.